Whose Freedom? Yes it's something we act out!

We have many ideas about freedom. It is not a term limited to just one interpretation like so many of us used to think. Brain scientists report after extensive studies that we can actually produce pathways in our brain after thinking about the idea and various interpretations of freedom that get stronger the more often we have these thoughts.  

Since we know over thousands of years of thinking about the idea of freedom, and hearing from many influential 'thinkers' and promoters of various types of ideas about 'freedom', humans have 'collected' clusters of thoughts having to do with freedom, and then, choose the clusters of ideas about 'freedom' that fit our values. This is important because ideas generate emotions and we then take action! The actions we take reflect, in great part, our 'freedom ideas' we hold most close.  Science has proven our emotions drive 98% of our behavior. Ideas about freedom generate emotional responses that become integrated with our actions!  

Yes! We act out our feelings about what freedom means to us! In this Action Issue section, Whose Freedom? we will look at why our values and thoughts surrounding our ideas of freedom tend to place us in at least two 'camps' of politics, with a small 'overlap camp' of folks who identify values from both sets of 'freedom' values. 

We will discover why this is so and compare the uses of the idea of freedom 

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