Should Waukesha Get Lake Mich. Water?

Two Hearings Left to voice your opinion and/or learn about this very big question! 

Lots of communities seek potable water from Lake Michigan. Many use it, but a new ruling made by the Great Lakes Compact, an agreement amongst 8 US states and Canada stipulated a greatly reduced access to the waters due to potential of harming the lakes. Now only muincipalities on the lake or straddling lake watersheds can apply for water usage. 

Waukesha began the application process over 5 years ago. The process is in its final stages in which the WI DNR is inviting public comment before making its decision to appeal to the Great Lakes Compact Commission to seek Lake Mi water for Waukesha, Delafield and Genesee. The link below will take you to the first of those hearings. Please take the time to listen, view this critical community review of the issues in the request to take the waters of Lake Michigan at the rate of 10.1 to 16.7 million gallons of water daily from Lake Michigan, and the potential impacts to lake and watershed. 

August 17 WisconsinEye  Public Video:

 Hearing City of Waukesha Application for Water Diversion from Lake Michigan


Information links to files: 

Muir View article on Waukesha Diversion (pdf) 

Main DNR Waukesha Diversion website

     DNR Draft Environmental Impact Statement (link to DNR)

     DNR Draft Technical Review (link to DNR)

Suggested letter to DNR (drafted by Sierra Club) (pdf)

PowerPoint of presentation about Waukesha Diversion from 2013 (pdf)

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