Meeting notes from June 30, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes for

June 30, 2014

 Next meeting: Monday, July 7, 2014 at Macchiato's, 605 S. Main, DeForest, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

 There were 12 people at the June 30th meeting.

 The entire meeting was devoted to presentation from and discussion with Michelle Zahn, candidate for Wisconsin state senate for the 13th Senate District, the district currently held by infamous (to progressives) Senator Scott Fitzgerald.  Michelle said, 

  • She and her husband are retired dairy farmers.  She currently runs a mail order soap business.
  • Her priority is jobs creation.
  • She wants to get money out of politics.
  • She wants to restore funding for public schools and minimize voucher schools.  She has been endorsed by the Madison teachers' union, from whom she received a $1,000 contribution.
  • She would restore collective bargaining, "It's about workers' rights."  She believes that a lot of experienced teachers left their jobs because of Act 10.
  • She believes in equal pay for equal work.
  • She believes that voting rights are under attack: for instance, early voting and weekend voting.
  • She believes in non-partisan redistricting.
  • One word that always comes up when those who know her talk about her is "integrity."
  • She is a creative problem solver, evidenced by her career as a dairy farmer and now a small business person.
  • She is goal oriented, that is, whatever it takes to solve a problem is not just approached by legislation alone.

 DAP members present were impressed with Michelle's personality and positions on issues.  



MEMBERS: John Scepanski, Marcia Riquelme, Karen Edson

MEETING: Sunday, June 29, 20141:30 PM-3:00 PM

PURPOSE: Review Generic Community Bill of Rights document and compare to list of possible “rights” presented by Karen several weeks ago to see if Karen’s list could be grouped into the headings included in the CELDF “generic” Community Bill of Rights, which could then be reviewed by the DAP for discussion at a later meeting.


1. We did meet and have a completed document for the group to review AS HOMEWORK.

2. Several things have happened which have changed the timetable on this from a “maybe someday” to a “Gee, the time might be NOW!”

a. DeForest and Windsor are considering revisions to the consolidated Master Land Use Plan.

b. Windsor is considering changing its municipal structure. Possibilities being considered are:

1) Staying a town.

2) Incorporating and becoming a Village

3) Merging with or being annexed by DeForest

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