DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots October 3, 2016, Meeting Notes

DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG)

October 3, 2016 Meeting Notes


Next meeting: Monday, October 10, 2016, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the DeForest Public Library, 203 Library Street, DeForest.


Present at meeting: Karen Edson, John Scepanski, Marcia Riquelme, Ginny Brokish, Frank Dederich, Abby Lowery, Janet Mills



  • Bernie Sanders-Russ Feingold, Wed., Oct. 5, 2:45 pm, Monona Terrace, Madison
  • The Paradox of Being a Black Police Officer, 10/6/16, 6:00, McFarland Public Library Community Room
  • Elizabeth Warren-Russ Feingold, Oct. 7, 9:30 am, Overture Center, Madison
  • History, Heritage, and the National Parks, 10/10/16, 7:00 pm, UW-Memorial Union, info. at
  • Hard and “Soft” Fascism in the United States; and the Coming Civil War – 10/13/16, 6:30 pm, Madison Central Library, Rm. 104, info. at 608-284-9082
  • Medea Benjamin on Saudi Arabia (contact Karen Edson if interested)


Ginny, Karen, and Frank went to Bob Fest and reported on their good times there.  Ginny collected fifty dollars for Jesse Bennett’s Assembly campaign.  The crowd did not seem as large as in years past, maybe due to the Badger football game that day.


Campaign activity:

  • Janet and Marcia on the Democratic coordinated campaign; Janet working out of the Sun Prairie office with Ben Wimmel; Janet explained the coordinated campaign and how it works; Janet stockpiling lit and working with and on the VAN (voter network database)
  • John has written some letters to the editor for George Ferriter
  • Abby has been distributing door hangers and signs for Jordan Turner, wants to knock on more doors and talk about why she is supporting Jordan against John Jagler, looking for locations for Jordan Turner lawn signs


Karen will take over DWAG meeting arrangements, agenda, and chairing meetings, continue to meet at library for now.  Marcia volunteered her basement room for future meetings after the election.


Karen now has a variety of Hillary for President buttons that she has designed and made herself.  She needs help with button making, using the DWAG machines.  She made 100 Jesse Bennett buttons for Nate.  Who will volunteer to help Karen with button making?


Karen wondered about another presidential candidates’ TV debate party like the one hosted by Scott Witkopf online that several of us attended online during the first debate.


The group okayed the appearance of Jill Karofsky at one of our October meetings.  Jill is running for Dane County circuit judge against Marilyn Townsend, who appeared at one of our meetings a few weeks ago.  JohnSki was contacted by Ms. Karofsky’s campaign manager, Melissa Mulliken.  John will follow up on making the arrangements.


Karen asked if people were interested in pursuing another movie night, and everyone said yes.


We had a general discussion on the agenda item as follows:


What does the fall and winter hold in store for us?  What are your ideas?  What are your passions?  Local issues, county issues, state issues, national issues, international issues?


Marcia said we should discuss who (whom) we see as potential legislators and local elected reps.  What are the issues?  Who will challenge Walker for governor and what should we do to support the challenger?  What local issues are we interested in?  Educational events?  We serve as a clearinghouse or catalyst in our area for progressive topics.  What is important about our group and how can we influence our community?  A community movie night?  Authors and books, for example, Andrea Wulf?  Everyone was tasked with bringing something to our next meeting that they might suggest, remembering our past accomplishments.


Karen mentioned UW anthropologist John Hawk.

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