DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots meeting notes for June 6, 2016

DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots

Meeting notes for June 6, 2016


Next meeting: Monday, June 13, 2016, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Ginny’s, 3922 Partridge Road, Windsor Hill neighborhood.  Patrick Miles, candidate for Dane County Treasurer, will be here at our meeting June 13th.*  Please try to attend so we have a good turnout for Patrick.


Present at June 6th meeting: Karen Edson, Ginny Brokish, Marcia Riquelme, John Scepanski, John Stanley, Abby Lowery




September 24th 2016 - The first annual Windsor Heritage Fest at Windsor Fireman's Park. The event show cases Windsor agriculture heritage with activities, music, and food. Come and celebrate the charming Village of Windsor.

Wednesday, June 8th: DPW Coordinated Campaign phone bank, 136 Dayton Row, Madison, from 6-8PM.  Contact, Ben Wimmel, Organizer, Wisconsin Coordinated Campaign, 630-390-9559, 


June 9, 7:00 p.m., “People Vs. Pipeline,” Pyle Center, 702 Langdon, Madison


Several work dates for helping build the 4th of July DeForest parade float were set.  More help is needed.  If you can help-, please call Ginny at 239-5327.  We will be using Nate’s truck again.  The theme is “I Scream for Democracy” with a model of a giant ice cream cone on the back and banners on the sides.  Walkers (no, not the governor’s family) will walk on the side and give out candy, lists of recommended books to read, and small copies of the U.S. Constitution.  If you would like to ride or walk, let Ginny know.


We were asked who had done their “homework” – went to the DWAG (DAP) Facebook page and posted, commented, or liked.  Several had.  Some had not.


*Patrick Miles, candidate for Dane County Treasurer, will be here June 13th.  We need to contact Richard Brown again to schedule him for a meeting with DWAG, since we turned him down before but now have changed our decision about having candidates at our meetings.  Is Richard Brown still running? 


Karen has finished the design for our new DWAG buttons and will be printing them soon.  The new circle cutter works like a charm, according to Karen: perfect circles, saves much time, fewer rejects.


Should we have an informational table at the first annual Windsor Heritage Fest September 24th?  Do they allow tables?  If so, how much do they cost?


Karen and Ginny gave money from button sales to JohnSki to deposit in the DWAG checking account.


John Stanley brought up a DWAG fund raising idea – to start a “Go Funding” page.  John will set it up.


Abby reported on her contacts and research about herbicide and pesticide spraying in DeForest area parks and on private property.  She had contacted village trustee Colleen Little.  Colleen did not think there was an ordinance that covered spraying on private property that might drift over onto public property like parks where children are playing.  John St. suggested contacting Trustee Chip Van Meter, as Chip has more time on the board and lives next to one of the parks.  It is tough to tell people what to do on their own private property, yet poisons drifting over onto public property is a hazard nonetheless.  Ginny compared the issue to ordinances controlling peoples’ burning fires on their lawns.  Further DWAG research is ongoing.  Do we want to maybe to sponsor a proposed ordinance dealing with the issue?


JohnSki noted that the former DAP announcement regularly in the DeForest Times-Tribune has been changed to DWAG.  Nobody knew who had changed it, so we thank the Times editors for doing it.  Maybe they took it from the Meet Up announcement done by Frank.


The official meeting was adjourned and followed by much political discussion about the state Democratic Convention (attended by John St., Marcia, and Karen) and the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigns, among other things.

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