DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots meeting notes for August 1, 2016

De Forest-Windsor Area Grassroots

August 1, 2016 Meeting Notes


Next meeting: Monday, August 8, 2016, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the DeForest Public Library, 203 Library Street, DeForest.  See tentative agenda below notes.

(Thanks to Abby for taking these notes and writing them up.)

Present at meeting: Marcia Riquelme, Karen Edson, John Stanley, Abby Lowery, John Scepanski, Tom Gibson


* (Past) 7:00 Thursday at Labor Temple Dane County Treasurer candidate forum

* (Past) 8:00 Thursday at Labor Temple Dane County DA candidate forum

* (Past) Town of Windsor voting machine test


John Stanley shared about his experience at the DNC.


* He has decided to put a check next to Hillary Clinton’s name when voting.

* He wants to work with his party in order to follow Bernie.

* 40% of delegates (those who support Bernie) walked out and were replaced by actors

* He engaged in a hunger strike July 17-26

* He said Bernie supports are energized to work on down-ticket elections.

* He said he really empathizes with the Black Lives Matter movement now. People need to listen to them saying that they hurt. When no one will listen, sometimes all you have is shouting or interrupting.

Bob Jambois and his wife and campaign manager, Bev, came to speak to us. He is running as a Democrat for Dane County DA against incumbent Ishmael Ozanne. Both are Democrats with no Republicans running, so whoever wins the primary August 9, wins the election. Make sure to get out the vote then!

* Bob Jambois shared why he feels he should be the next Dane County DA.

* Jambois is a former Kenosha County DA and says that he had low turnover of staff during that time and tried/won many cases. He also said that he loves trying crimes, helping victims, and protecting children. He said protecting children is the best investment to prevent future crimes. He has seen the struggle of children of racial/ethnic minorities as he and his wife have welcomed over 20 foster children of various backgrounds into their home and eventually adopted one of those children.

* He said he has a strong history of helping people stand up for themselves. For example, he quit his job working for the state the day Governor Walker signed Act 10. He represented Peter Barca in an Act 10 lawsuit as well as 160 people who peacefully protested Act 10 at the Capitol. He represented all of them himself and got all of the cases dismissed.

* In regards to Dane County, as an assistant DA in the Major Felony Crimes Unit, he is deeply concerned about the current state of the DA's office and how it will exist in the future under current DA Ishmael Ozanne if he is re-elected. Jambois asserted that Ozanne is rarely involved in trying cases himself and has not been effectively managing his staff. 20 out of 28 prosecutors have quit under Ozanne, with many of them being very accomplished and effective lawyers. The prosecutors that are left are young, inexperienced, and need guidance in trying cases. Jambois states that there is little to no mentorship going on and he has had to pick up this slack himself.

* What he plans to do, if elected: he will be in court that day and every day, he will mentor young lawyers, and make the current restorative justice program effective.


Some remarks on Adam Gallagher, incumbent running for Dane County treasurer, who visited during the last meeting.

* Gallagher said that after he is re-elected, he will find out what the deputy treasurer’s responsibilities are in order to train her successor.

* We discussed concerns of him really knowing his job and not being very prepared for deputy treasurer’s retirement.


Marcia shared that there were so many good activities/talks at Netroots Nation that she strongly suggested that people google “Netroots Nation 2016” and look through the website’s archives and videos.



DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots


August 8, 2016

Changes to agenda


Old business


·        Election organization: who is in charge of signs, canvassing, etc.? – John

·        Further reporting on Netroots Nation Conference – Marcia and Karen

·        Other?


New business

·        Report on Dane Dems' candidate forum - Karen

·        Karen McKim's "kitchen cabinet" – Karen and Marcia

·        Other?




Political discussion


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