DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG) meeting notes for March 20, 2017

DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots

Meeting Notes

March 20, 2017


Present: Karen Edson, Ginny Brokish, Abby Lowery, John Scepanski


  • Fri. Mar. 24 and Sat Mar 25 WISCONSIN GRASSROOTS FESTIVAL – Friday afternoon is setup – Saturday is Festival has info!

 ·        Wed. Mar. 29 – 6 PM – Candidates Forum – for DeForest Village Board – at DeForest Library – Save the date! Support our Candidates!


Karen reported on her attendance at the Protecting Water gathering at UW-Whitewater on March 14th.  The Enbridge pipeline is only 20 miles from there.  Notorious State Senator Tom Tiffany is trying to get rid of the mining moratorium law, in order to allow for metals mining in Wisconsin.  Discussion followed on the pollution problem, the EPA, and how those things affect minority populations.


Abby has been attending DeForest Board meetings.  Ginny is thinking about beginning to attend Windsor Board meetings.


It was suggested that Abby’s recent letter to the DeForest Times-Tribune editor be used as an example of good messaging technique.  Abby acknowledged Kathryn Scepanski for her advice on the composition.


Discussion of community rights.  Ecuador has written the rights of nature into its Constitution.  There is a court ruling (somewhere?) that states that a river has the right to flow and has standing to sue.  Someone remarked that it seems similar to the rights of a corporation under the U.S. Bill of Rights.  There was a mention on The Rachel Maddow Show that air has the right to be clean, water has the right to be pure.  People have the right to breathe clean air and drink pure water.


We discussed the pros and cons of ordering distinguishing shirts for DWAG.  Further research is pending.


The DWAG treasury owes Karen $40 for the information table we will have at the WGN Fest Saturday.


We pasted WGN labels into the backs of booklets of the U.S. Constitution for sale at the WGN Fest.


Janet says contact her for Evers lawn signs; Ginny too.



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