DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG) meeting notes for June 5, 2017

DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG)

Meeting Notes

June 5, 2017


Next meeting: Monday, June 12, 2017, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the DeForest Public Library, 203 Library Street, DeForest.


Present on June 5: Karen Edson, John Scepanski, Ginny Brokish, Janet Mills, Nelia Olivencia


Announcements: see attachment at end.


Janet has voter registration information and is glad to be at our table at the DeForest Farmers’ Market Tuesdays.  She will let John Stanley know.  John, Karen Edson, and Ginny Brokish are staffing the table so far.


It was the consensus of the group present to compensate Karen $50.00 from the treasury for all the work she does earning money for us by making and selling buttons.  JohnSki will get a check to her.  Thank you, Karen, for your loyal service.  You have put a lot of moolah into our treasury, including the two checks coming from WGN for Super 17th and Voters for Vinehout.


Janet showed us her folder with names and contact information that she has accumulated over the years in her campaign work.  She will coordinate with Karen to get the appropriate information into the DWAG community intel spreadsheet.  Anyone else who would like to work on refinement of or contribute names and contact information to the community intel spread sheet should contact Karen.


Karen briefed us on and we discussed last weekend’s Democratic Party of Wisconsin annual convention.  Karen filled us in on the latest candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Attorney General, and potential candidates for governor.  Although DWAG is officially non-partisan as an organization, as individuals we seem to like Senator Kathleen Vinehout so far for governor.


JohnSki reported on his meeting that morning in DeForest with Calvin Boldebuck, a field rep for our 2nd Congressional District U.S. Congressional Representative Mark Pocan.  Calvin is staffing about a dozen meetings or listening sessions for Mark around the District.  Mark is very active (co-chair?) on the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which has developed a “progressive alternative U.S. budget.  Good going, Mark!  Contact points:


Janet reported that United to Amend, on which she is active, is now entering a new political action stage.  They want to pressure state representatives to put on a statewide advisory referendum to amend the U.S. Constitution to the effect that corporations are not people and money is not speech.  Assembly Joint Resolution 53 and Senate Joint Resolution 54 have been introduced to do that; however, the relevant committees will not even hold public hearings on the bills.  DWAG should pressure Assembly Representative John Jagler, who is on the committee in the state Assembly.  A number of communities in Rep. Jagler’s district (the 37th) have passed local resolutions asking for the amendment, including the villages of DeForest and Windsor.

Karen, please put this item on the agenda for June 12th.  How do we want to get involved: political action, Jagler listening sessions, letter writing campaign, emails, phone calls?

We might want to go to the Windsor and DeForest boards and update them on the resolutions their communities passed.  Janet passed out talking points on the issues and on AJR53 and SJR54.




AGENDA  De Forest Windsor Area Grassroots 6/5/17 – De Forest Library 6 PM


Social Time

Review of rules:

1. Cell phones muted (except John Ski)

2. One person speaks at a time – no side conversations, please!

3. Raise hand to request permission to speak – respect person speaking by not jumping in.

4. Must bring request for a speaker to group BEFORE inviting speaker. Then person with idea for the speaker is in charge of the contact with the speaker, scheduling, intro, etc.

Modify Agenda –  

Announcements – SEE BELOW


Old Business –

• 4th of July Parade – Contact John Stanley, if interested  

• Development of a community intelligence repository (aka “Sign List”)  Permanent item – need workers willing to review names via Google spreadsheet link  So far, Ski, Karen, Marcia, & Frank have links.

• DWAG at the DeForest Farmers Market starting 6/13 (one of the Artist & Crafters Days) – whoever is available to sit at the table contact John Stanley 

• D-WAG will host the quarterly Progressive Partners meeting in Sept/Oct in DeForest/Windsor.  John Stanley will be the lead – this will be an item on the agenda for planning purposes til then!

New Business –

• Discuss distribution of excess $ over supply replacement cost  (once funds are actually received)

• Discuss future plans for group:

  • o VOTER INFORMATION (NOT REALLY POLITICAL) § Publicize Voter ID requirement?
  • § Check for registered voters and help with online registrations (will require using laptops with internet access and may incur data charges)?§ Hand out registration forms and help voters to complete them at the Farmer’s Market?
  • o Work with other DeFo/Windsor community groups?


Political Discussion – 

• Democratic Party of Wisconsin State Convention review – receipt of $280 will happen from “Voters for Vinehout” and “Super 17th” (Nate Timm) (Will need to replenish button parts with $. Used 450 2.25” and 60 1.25” – roughly $200 repl. cost)

Announcements –  

• Sun. June 11- Beestock – Festival for the Environment!  12:00 Noon – 6:00 pm Capitol Brewery (7734 Terrace Ave. in Middleton) - Sustainable City Opening Remarks by Middleton Mayor, Grudip Brar; special guest speakers: Prof. Patty Loew, UW-Madison Life Sciences Communication Dept. and member of the Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Ojibway, and Jeremy Hemberger, UW-Madison Entomology Dept., plus musical performances by Durango McMurphy, Blue Cheese, Skip Jones, Jacob Greene, and DJ Sauli Turn Up. Kids activities, info tables, and local vendors, too! Suggested donation - $10. Info?

• Fri., Sat., Sun. - June 16-18 Midwest Renewable Energy Fair  - 7558 Deer Rd, Custer, WI - see for speakers/workshop info!

• Tue. June 27,  The Raging Grannies - 6:30 PM.  E. D. Locke Public Library, McFarland.  Please join us for wonderful evening of song, sass and sisterhood.

• Thurs. June 22nd Monarch Joint Venture and University of Minnesota Monarch Lab- 7:00 pm UW-Madison Arboretum (1207 Seminole Highway) Monarch Conservation! - talk with Laura Lukens and Kyle Kasten, Space is limited, so please pre-register:

• Sat. June 28th Songs of Resistance - 5:00 pm High Noon Saloon (701 E. Washington) – Fundraiser for the ACLU, co-hosted by WORT FM Community Radio! Join us for a night of Resistance Music, featuring The Whiskey Farm, Frank Busch (of Wheelhouse), Ryan Mauer & the Angry Fix, Evan Murdock, and Amber Sebastian. . Tickets are $5.00. Info? Visit Facebook:

• Dairy Breakfasts in the 2nd CD: 

o Rock County June 10 6:30-11 am, Brandl Farm, 10817 East Lake Shore Road, Clinton

o Lafayette County June 10   6:30-10:30 am, Shippy Farm, 12348 White School Road Gratiot

o Sauk County June 10, 7-11am -  Elsing Farms, E10481 Hwy 60, Sauk City

o Dane County June 10, 7-11:30 am, Blue Star Dairy, 5191 Vosen Road, Middleton

o Richland County June 11 7am - 1pm Durst-Larse Farms 17827 County Road A, Richland Center

o Lafayette County June 11 1:30pm, Darlington Canoe Fest Parade       


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