DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG) meeting notes for July 11, 2016

DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG)

Meeting notes for July 11, 2016


Next meeting: Monday, July 18, 2016, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at THE DEFOREST PUBLIC LIBRARY, 203 Library Street, DeForest.


Present at July 11th meeting: Karen Edson, John Stanley, Abby Lowery, John Scepanski


We reported on the success of the DWAG float in the DeForest 4th of July parade.  Ginny drove Nate’s truck with the oversized ice cream cone in the bed and John Stanley preaching, “I scream for democracy.”  Thanks to all those who helped.  Abby walked with the Jordan
Turner for Assembly bunch, carrying a banner and distributing slips of paper she had prepared with books on the subject of democracy for grade schoolers.  She was happy to use her teacher skills in the preparation of the slips.  We thought that maybe next year we might do something similar with real ice cream.  Maybe we can get a sponsor.  Maybe we can partner with the Friends of the Yahara River Headwaters.


Abby reported that Jordan Turner has received the endorsement of WEAC.  A $1,000 contribution came with the endorsement.  Jordan intends to buy lawn signs and door know hangers with the donation.


Karen said that the request to distribute Mark Pocan yard signs and find barns to paint turned out to be a request for locations where Pocan 4’x4’ signs can go.  We thought maybe Pete Zeimet’s yard, Maureen McCarville’s, and Deb Kookacimkit’s.


We decided to respond to Adam Gallagher’s request to meet with DWAG by inviting him to the July 25th meeting.  Mr. Gallagher is the incumbent Dane County Treasurer and is running for re-election.  JohnSki is to communicate the invitation to Mr. Gallagher.  All DWAG members are encouraged to attend the July 25th meeting, so that we have a good turnout to hear Mr. G. and ask questions.


Progressive Partners meets this Saturday.  JohnSki, Janet, and John St. are going.


All those present agreed that it would be a good idea to “table” at the Windsor fall festival.


The meeting adjourned, followed by a lively discussion about politics, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, the Dane County Democratic Party’s most recent executive committee meeting, of which Karen is a member, and the Dane County Dems’s July 31st picnic (see Dane Dems website).

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