DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG) meeting notes for August 14, 2017

DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG)

Meeting Notes

August 14, 2017


Next meeting: Monday, August 21, 2017, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the DeForest Public Library, 203 Library Street, DeForest.  See tentative agenda below, following notes.


Pre-meeting discussion had to do with the possibility that the library might discontinue our meeting room privileges due to the possibility that groups not compatible with the library mission might demand use because we are granted use.  The issue is murky at this point.  JohnSki was assigned to go to the library board meeting as an information resource to help them decide on this library use policy.  JohnSki did look up current policy but could find only the “DeForest Area Public Library Meeting Room Request Form” dated 11/08 that explicitly pertains to the Community room and Conference Rooms C and D in the lower level, nothing pertaining to the main level meeting rooms.  Some points made during discussion that might prove relevant:

  • DWAG has always been officially and explicitly, politically non-partisan. 
  • We are progressive in nature but welcome anyone from any political party who shares our progressive values. 
  • We have no values “litmus test,” although we are decidedly progressive politically.
  • Some of our members do not even like the Democratic Party for various reasons.
  • We specifically changed the name from DeForest Area Progressives to DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots to avoid the appearance of political partisanship.


Another pre-meeting topic of discussion was the Charlottesville, Virginia, matter that is in the news lately.  Ginny attended the Sunday evening gathering in Madison and described the goings-on for us.


Present on August 14: Karen Edson, John Stanley, John Scepanski, Ginny Brokish



DWAG will host the quarterly Progressive Partners meeting September 9th at the Jefferson Square Clubhouse, 717 DeForest Street, DeForest.  Final agenda and potluck expectations will be sent to the PP contact list and published in these notes.


On the question of to what uses we might put the community intel list - campaign signs, GOTV, event publicity, for example – we are not ready yet to decide.


Ginny is collecting information on event facilities in the Windsor-DeForest area:

  • Rude’s, 150 people, no charge if order snacks from them and buy drinks
  • Holiday Inn, $65/four hours
  • Comfort Inn can accommodate 60-90 people depending on configuration of the meeting; cost $100 plus order food
  • Windsor community center, free with returnable deposit
  • Norski Nook can accommodate 40, order food, no charge if order snack table.


The Our Wisconsin Revolution health care information presentation for DeForest is still pending.  It will have to do with the current state of the single payer option a la Bernie Sanders.


John Stanley is still considering Richard Maynard’s ideas/strategy for getting folks elected to local non-partisan offices.  Mr. Maynard lives in New Hampshire.


Sharing a table for button sales at Labor Fest for $20 with the Grannies is still pending contact with Rebecca.


We will consider getting the new managing editor of the DeForest Times-Tribune to one of our meetings after the events we are involved in now in September and October.




Post-adjournment discussion was had about maybe hosting a gathering for Senator Kathleen Vinehout when she announces her candidacy for governor.



Tentative AGENDA

De Forest Windsor Area Grassroots 8/21/17

De Forest Library 6-8 PM


Social Time

Review of rules:

1.     Cell phones muted (except JohnSki for Kathryn)

2.     One person speaks at a time – no side conversations, please!

3.     Raise hand to request permission to speak – respect person speaking by not jumping in.

4.     Must bring request for a speaker to group BEFORE inviting speaker. Then person with idea for the speaker is in charge of the contact with the speaker, scheduling, intro, etc.

Modify Agenda



Old Business – * means PERMANENT ITEM  ** means on agenda for limited time


·       *Reports by whoever went to events from previous week’s announcements:  

·      ** Helping OWR get a Healthcare Forum in DeFo/Windsor-John St

·       *Development of a community intelligence repository (aka “Sign List”)  – need workers willing to review names via Google spreadsheet link

·       ** D-WAG will host the quarterly Progressive Partners meeting on Sept 9 in DeForest/Windsor at Jefferson Square Clubhouse.  John Stanley will be the lead –

o   Agenda Development - Std agenda includes round robin of who has done what plus host designed program item.

o   Suggestions SO FAR for the program part of meeting: Use this as springboard for Wausau Festival – Stacy to explain why northern WI needs transfusion of Progressive Spirit·     

  **Wausau Grassroots Fest·    

  ** DWAG T-Shirts, Ginny has taken over from Karen.


New Business


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