DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG) meeting notes for April 3, 2017

DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG)

Meeting Notes

April 3, 2017


Present: Karen Edson, Liz Temple, Stacy Biesel, John Scepanski, John Stanley


Karen attended a legislative hearing on two bills having to do with approval of a federal constitutional convention.  The bills made it out of committee.  Senator Fitzgerald said he did not like the idea, so the bills might not be approved in the senate.  The announced purpose for the convention is to put a balanced budget requirement in the U.S. Constitution, however, critics fear other initiatives in an out-of-control constitutional convention.


Liz and JohnSki are going to the candidates’ forum.  We discussed issues, including the swimming pool proposal.


Regarding the community intelligence repository, we will be noting places where lawn signs were displayed for progressive candidates and add those addresses to the database.


Should we host a weekend session on community rights in June?  Maybe not in Wisconsin in the summer time; people are very busy during summer months.  Some thought it okay.  The training would be done by Paul Cienfuegos starting on Friday and ending on Sunday.  Trainees would be able to answer questions from the community as support was being built, as a public education campaign.  Will enough people be interested?  What will the fee be?  Karen is checking on alternatives. 


Stacy’s husband drafted some designs for DWAG shirts.  We all liked them.  Further discussion at future meetings.


Stacy is working on an event for young people to be held in the Wausau area in September or October.  It would be like blue grass music for progressives and designed to attract young people.


Kim Lamoreaux, editor of the DeForest Times-Tribune, would like to meet with us but Monday nights are bad for her.  Maybe June or later?  We can ask her to name a date at her convenience.


Jim White could not make it this night due to a work conflict.


Liz brought up the idea of a progressives’ book club.  Consensus was positive.  Tailor it to the group’s time.  Okay to participate without reading the whole book.  Karen has book lists, even wrote a quick one at the meeting.  Our web site and the WGN website should have suggested reading and viewing lists as resources.

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