DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG) meeting notes for April 17, 2017

DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots (DWAG)

Meeting Notes

April 17, 2017


Next meeting: Monday, April 24, 2017, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the DeForest Public Library, 203 Library Street, DeForest.


Present: Frank Dederich, Karen Edson, John Scepanski, John Stanley



• JFC regional hearings on State Budget - Tues. Apr. 18 – Spooner High School, Spooner ; Wed. Apr. 19 – Ellsworth High School, Ellsworth; Fri. Apr. 21–  Marinette High School, Marinette; see for more info

• Thurs. April 20 Kick-Off Meeting of the new Madison chapter of the Grey Panthers. 6:30 – 8:30 pm Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center, Youth Room (953 Jenifer St.) Info? #608-284-9082.


April 20 Cracking the Case: the Flint Water Crisis and Public Health Advocacy,


April 22, Pop Up Peace Museum, Lisa Link Peace Park, 452 State St., Madison, Raging Grannies will sing, Native American ceremony, poetry, talking twigs as a gift for all, Info.? or #608-609-7961


• Sat. April 22 People’s Climate March – We Resist, We Build, We Rise! - 2:00 pm WI State Capitol Let's march together, and take back Earth Day, a proud Wisconsin tradition. Info? Check out the Facebook event page:

• Thurs. May 4 This Changes Everything -7:30 pm Majestic Theater (115 King St.) – screening of the documentary with a follow-up discussion with cast member, rancher, activist, and author, Alexis Bonogofsky, as well as a live video appearance by producer, Naomi Klein. Tickets are $10. Hosted by Clean Wisconsin. Info?


May 4, DPW Chair Candidate Forum – 7:00 pm Public McFarland, with Martha Laning and Bryan Kennedy – sponsored by Active McFarland, WGN, Deforest-Windsor Area Grassroots, Oregon Area Progressives, and Stoughton Area Democrats & Progressives


• Tues. May 9 Divided We Fall - 6:30 pm Christ Presbyterian Church (944 E. Gorham)– free screening and public discussion of the documentary about the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising by Katherine Acosta. Hosted by the Madison Free Skool, the Peregrin Forum, and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Info? #284-9082 or visit:


Our district member of the Executive Committee, Karen, attended a meeting of the Dane County Democratic Party packed with new members, there to learn about the party and how it operates.  The new members were not shy to express their discontent.  They do not want to be told to do things the old ways: during election times, knock on doors, make phone calls, etc.  They want action now.  One person said the Dane Dems website “sucks.”  It looks like it is out of the 1990s.  They want to reach out to the grass roots.  At the Executive Committee meeting (of which Karen is a member) Karen handed out two sheets of lists on which were progressive political groups, environmental groups, WGN allied groups, and affiliates of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network (WGN) in all the Wisconsin Congressional districts.  Democrats should be and are reaching out to grassroots organizations, faith based groups, work place groups, environmental groups, and others with common ground on issues.  The idea is to build bridges.  Mike Bell provides much of the energy behind consolidation of these organizations and groups.  Karen told us a parable about a staff – a wooden stick used to poke, prod, support, and so forth.  Good analogy, lesson, conceit, Karen, thank you.

We built upon Karen’s report with discussion of how the DWAG “community intelligence repository” can add to the process and substance.  We are building a spread sheet with names, contact information, and  the things each person has been known to be interested in: lawn signs, canvassing door-to-door, lit drops, phone calling, etc.  John Stanley wants to put up an information/recruitment table at the DeForest farmers’ market.  We all encouraged him to do so and said we will put out the word to staff the table.  The DWAG treasury will reimbursement John  for expenses to do this.  Way to go, Rev. John!

The Raging Grannies (God bless ‘em) have a book coming out titled, Listen to Your Grandmothers, combined with a CD.  There is going to be a debut party at the Madison central public library, probably on May 7 (check Grannies Facebook page for final details).  Cookies and milk will be served by our grannies.  The book/CD will cost $22, a collectors’ item worth much more than that, I’m sure, like the now-legendary Scottyopoly game.

John St. is working with Stacy on the up north Bob Fest-like or WGN Fest-like event, maybe in the Wausau or Antigo or Merrill area.  It is envisioned so far as a musical welcoming event to bring those so inclined into the progressive tent.  There will be music and speakers and other features.  The idea is to connect with others from around Wisconsin and the Midwest.  WGN is backing the idea.  Volunteers will be needed to serve lunch, sell tickets, publicize, and all the other tasks and chores involved with a project like this.  This is still in the early planning stages.

How much if any are we at DWAG interested in joining the resistances and revolutions?

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