DeForest Area Progressives meeting notes for November 2, 2015

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes for November 2, 2015


Next meeting: Monday, November 9, 2015, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Ginny’s, 3922 Partridge Road, Windsor Hill neighborhood. 


There were six people at the November 2nd meeting, including Nate Timm from Wisconsin Grassroots Network (WGN).  Announcements included

  • A World of Peace – on November 21st at 3:30-7:00 p.m. at Komrey Middle School, 7009 Donna Drive, Middleton; contact Dawn or Art at
  • December 5th Organizing Wisconsin for Bernie Sanders convention at UW Stevens Point campus; more information to follow later
  • November 11, Dane Dems monthly meeting will elect officers.  Our Karen Edson is running for board member at large.  Paid up Democratic Party members of the 37th Assembly District (Jagler) are asked to attend and vote for Karen.  (Karen, John St, and JohnSki are all hoping to go.
  • Vote for Windsor village referendum tomorrow, November 3rd.


There was no further report from JohnSki on future elections and candidates.

Judges Ellen Berz and candidate Rhonda Landford will be at our regular DAP Monday meeting on November 16th.  Please try to be there to make a good showing for them.

Dawn is going to a Kloppenberg fund raiser and will ask her if she would participate in a judges’ forum in DeForest.

There is an anti-hunger event being planned for DeForest area food banks in early December.  Do we want to participate as DAP?  Members present seemed interested.  Should we make it more than just a food drive?  Publicize hunger and homelessness in our area?  John St. had good information from his run for DeFo board.  Generate publicity before and after?  Have press releases done by us and groups working with us?  YouTube video?  Thank everyone with emails when it’s done?

John St. mentioned Christmas bell ringing for the Salvation Army at Ace Hardware and Pick & Save.  If interested, go to the locations and tear off a tag from the announcement.

There are a lot of Assembly districts where there are no Democrats running.  The Dem strategy in Wisconsin should include building in all districts, running candidates for local offices.  Nate and Adam from WGN are willing to go out and train candidates, as they have in the past.  JohnSki talked to Janet Mills.  She is coordinating election efforts for Joanne Kloppenberg in the area.

The meeting adjourned and turned into a Bernie Sanders for President discussion.  John Stanley has been designated a point person for Bernie in Wisconsin.  Contact John if you want to get involved.  There is an effort afoot to print and send out holiday greeting cards urging people to vote for Bernie.  Bernie emphasizes the grassroots nature of his campaign.  John described the Wisconsin 72 county strategy for Bernie.  There will be breakout sessions in all eight Congregational districts on communications, literature distribution, signs, and a high visibility campaign.  Think about locations to put large, 4’x4’ and 8’x4’ signs.

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