DeForest Area Progressives meeting notes for January 18, 2016

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes for January 18, 2016


Next meeting: Monday, January 25, 2016, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Ginny’s, 3922 Partridge Road, Windsor Hill neighborhood.*


Present at the January 18th meeting: John Scepanski, Ginny Brokish, Karen Edson, Marcia Riquelme, Carboni


Announcement: on Thursday, January 21st, there will be a party at Oladh, 7 W. Main St. in Madison, hosted by United to Amend, with a band and Mike Crute.


Karen has a list of movies complete with comments. 


Karen has written an op-ed on Rebecca Bradley, candidate for Wis. Supreme Court.  It was hard to keep the letter to the editor to under 200 words, so she had to do a longer piece.  She will send it to various outlets.  Marcia expressed concern about legislators who vote contrary to their constituents’ expressed will.  She is working on ways to express that concern.  The Daily Call is a place to get cartoons. The author has given permission to use the cartoons.


Peter is working on letters of thank you to the two judges who appeared at DAP.  Karen will email him. 


The consensus at the meeting was to approve a $25 check from the DAP treasury to be sent as a donation toward legal fees being incurred to appeal a decision concerning a rail spur in the Town of Adams in Jackson County.  The rail spur would be used to transport frack sand.  Without the spur, the sands cannot be transported.  This suit is the first of others intended to stop alleged public nuisances, i.e., the sand mines.


We discussed the “Occucards” brought up by Karen and the samples she sent for.  We can use them to hand out at events as public education and sort-of protest.  Other uses:

  • Include the information on the cards in letters to the editor
  • Educational outreach literature
  • Permission to reprint the info. on the cards is included on the website where the cards can be purchased:
  • Handout with button purchases
  • Dart game
  • Trivia game
  •  Latter two at our table at the WGN Festival

Occucards will be on the agenda for further discussion next week.


*Tentative draft agenda for January 25th meeting.  Any additions, call Ginny at 239-5327.





Movies available at Finch Trail. Call Karen Edson.


Report on letter writing, Peter, Marcia and Karen

Thank you notes, Peter

Report on what has been done with Occucards and further discussion on uses and games of them. Karen







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