DAP meeting notes for September 8, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes

September 8, 2014


Next meeting at Ginny’s house, 3922 Partridge, in Windsor Hill neighborhood, Monday September 15, 2014, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.  If you have agenda items, email them or call them to Ginny.


There were ten people at the September 8th meeting.  Good turnout!


Janet Mills NEEDS CANVASSERS to get out Mary Burke lit and lit for other candidates we support.  Janet has walk lists of likely Dem voters to get into your hands, so that you can get out there and deliver that lit and GOTV (Get Out The Vote)!  It’s not too soon to start.  CALL JANET at 846-4472 to volunteer now.    Mary Burke and our other fine candidates need you NOW.


One of our Wisconsin Assembly representatives (there are three in the badly gerrymandered DeForest/Windsor/Vienna area!), the ever energetic Dianne (with two n’s) Hesselbein was with us to share her thoughts on different subjects and her election campaign.  Her opponent is a Dane County tea partier (or is that Tea Partier with caps?) by the name of Brent Rentaria (sp?).  Dianne has also been busy campaigning for other Democrats too.  She is pushing a bill she authored to end gerrymandering.  She filled us in on the Middleton Coordinating Campaign, which has an office by the Copp’s store in Middleton.  The office includes materials for Mark Pocan and Mary Burke, as well as Dianne and others.  We can stop by to pick some up anytime.   Good to have Dianne with us!


Karen is going to be on a streaming video internet TV interview show on September 26, 2014, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. with a man she met at the Netroots Nation conference.  The studio is in Madison.  JohnSki and Ginny volunteered to accompany Karen and either be in the audience or actually participate with her in the interview and call-ins.  Any other DAP-per is invited to come as well.


John Scepanski handed out copies of his “DRAFT resolution for DAP joining the 2nd CD Alliance.”  This is a document in “Whereas, therefore be it resolved” format (attached below) that commits DAP to membership in the Wisconsin Grassroots Network’s (WGN) group of local member groups in the Wisconsin 2nd Congressional District.   Liz asked if satellite organizations like DAP in the WGN network need to be 501c3’s.  The answer is no, they do not.  It was the consensus of the group to adopt and submit the resolution to become the first local group of its kind to request official membership in the WGN alliance.  (John submitted the resolution to the WGN Task Force at its September 10, 2014, meeting, and it was well received by Task Force members present.)


The group decided to purchase 100 “Mary Burke for Governor” lawn signs from Roger Springman dba “Progressives for Victory 2014”.  The cost is a little bit under $2.00 apiece for sign and wire holder.  Several members said they wanted various quantities: Frank – 10, Dan – 20, Deanna Giovanni - 5.  Ginny and John St. will be talking a quantity to Bob Fest next Saturday to sell them for $3.00 apiece, the profit going into the DAP treasury.  We will coordinate the purchase and pick-up and let DAP members know when and where they can pick theirs up.  You will be responsible to reimburse the DAP treasury $2.00 apiece plus whatever profit you gain from people you distribute them to.  Some will be available at next Monday’s meeting, too.


Karen sold $57.80 of DAP buttons and bumper stickers (“Want to Work?  Vote for Burke”) at Labor Fest on Labor Day at the Madison Labor Temple.  She deposited the dough in the DAP  treasury.  Good going, Karen, and thank you very much.  She also sold some at the September 6th painting party.  She and Ginny and John St. are going to do the same, along with selling MARY BURKE FOR GOVERNOR lawn signs at Bob Fest this coming weekend.


We collected $33.00 in donations at the sign painting party September 6th.  It was uncertain whether that was for lunch or for donations to the Sun Prairie SPARC radio project.  The group decided, I think, to give it to SPARC.  Erstwhile treasurer JohnSki sent a check for $33.00 to Heather D-B at SPARC.  I hope that was OK with everyone.  Heather emailed back a really nice thank you.


Karen said we need to coordinate and communicate better in the future on things like donation cans and boxes at events we hold.  All agreed that Karen is right about that.


Frank closed the meeting with a rousing pitch to get ourselves and all our friends and whoever else we can think of to the next MARY BURKE FOR GOVERNOR painting picnic on September 20th , 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at DeForest Firemen’s Park.  Remember, materials are being donated.  You need bring nothing but your body to work and a dish to pass at lunch (there was a dearth of leafy salads on September 6th, hint, hint).


Sincerely submitted for your approval,

John Scepanski, unofficial DAP note taker and scribe




DRAFT resolution for DAP join 2nd CD Grassroots Alliance


Whereas, DeForest Area Progressives (DAP) has partnered with Wisconsin Grassroots Network (WGN) on a number of projects and activities, including but not limited to

·         the annual WGN Festival

·         the production of messaging signs and their related web-based  essays

·         website design and refinement at www.wisconsingrassroots.net,



Whereas, DAP members regularly contribute to and benefit from participation in weekly WGN Task Force meetings, and;


Whereas, DAP shares the values put forth in the WGN Mission Statement:

The purpose of WGN is to facilitate and sustain the development and growth of community based grassroots organizations for the purposes of enhancing democracy, justice, and equity for all.

This mission is accomplished through providing communication platforms, training, issue education, resources, organizing examples and networking opportunities for urban and rural grassroots organizations, their leadership and members.



Whereas, DAP is a member of and shares the values of the mission statement of Progressive Partners, an established network of local, politically and socially progressive organizations throughout the 2nd Congressional District of Wisconsin:

Progressive Partners exist to support and facilitate coordination, communication, and collaboration among autonomous community-based progressive grassroots groups and their allies.



Whereas, DAP members have participated in monthly teleconferencing with members of other grassroots, progressive organizations in the 2nd CD of Wisconsin;


Be it therefore resolved that the DAP recognizes the worth in belonging to a regional organization such as a “2nd CD of Wisconsin Grassroots Alliance” or a “2nd CD Progressive Partners” or some such organization to be named for the purpose of the promotion of progressive goals and objectives throughout the 2nd CD of Wisconsin, in conjunction with other local, grassroots organizations and statewide in cooperation with the umbrella organization known as Wisconsin Grassroots Network, its Council, and its Task Force.

Drafted by John Scepanski, DAP, August 30, 2014

Adopted by consensus at DAP meeting September 8, 2014

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