DAP meeting notes for September 15, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes

September 15, 2014


Next meeting: Monday, September 22, 2014, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Ginny’s house again, 3922 Partridge in the Windsor Hill neighborhood, Windsor.

DON’T FORGET the painting party this Saturday, September 20th, 9:00 to 5:00 at DeForest Firemen’s Park.


There were six people at the meeting September 15th.

We made $400 from Mary Burke for Governor sign sales and button sales.  John Stanley and Ginny Brokish sold all 100 signs that we had purchased through the Roger Springman “Volunteers for Victory 2014” yard sign initiative.  Thank you, Ginny and John, for a Herculean effort.  We decided to order 75 more signs from Roger if and when they produce more of them.  Nate has a bunch of them yet.  (JohnSki learned later from Roger S. that they have not yet decided to do another run of printing of signs, but they will let us know if and when they do.  In the meantime, JohnSki purchased 50 more signs from Nate and will distribute them at Monday’s meeting, the 22nd ; most of the 50 are already spoken for in the DeForest/’Windsor area).

We discussed the Saturday, September 20th, painting party at DeForest Firemen’s Park from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Janet and Ginny are doing some stenciling in preparation.  Supplies and partially finished signs are in storage at Liz’s house and will be picked up and delivered to the park Saturday morning.  Karen will make another stencil.

The “Candidates’ Forum” is scheduled for Wednesday, October 8th, at the DeForest Library community meeting room.  It is sponsored and run by the DeForest Area Chamber of Commerce and DeForest Area Public Library.  All eight candidates have agreed to be there: Mary Arnold and John Jagler, George Ferriter and Keith Ripp, Dianne Hesselbein and Brent Renteria, Michelle Zahn and Scott Fitzgerald.  The moderator will be Brad Schroeder of the Chamber.  There will be candidate opening and closing statements and questions posed by the moderator.  We should prepare questions for our candidates for submission at the door.  DAP members are tasked with composing questions for presentation and discussion at the meeting Monday, September 22nd.  Liz reported that the candidates’ forum that she attended in Watertown went well, that Mary Arnold did a fine job, better than her opponent, John Jagler.  We should follow up on the forum with letters-to-the-editor.  We should put out on Facebook, Twitter, websites, etc., the announcement for the forum.

Karen suggested that we begin to pay back Marcia and JohnSki for their previous purchase of the button making machines a couple of years ago.  The three machines cost almost $1,000, Marcia paying for most of it.  Since then Marcia has also purchased an automated embroidery machine suitable for making t-shirts, patches, etc.  A long time ago we talked about making the machines available to other organizations like ours and making a profit from it.  A couple of organizations had expressed some interest.  Maybe we should follow up on the idea.

We talked about Karen’s TV interview coming up on September 26th.  Ginny will accompany Karen.  JohnSki had said he would go too but now cannot due to a conflict.  Anyone else who can go should contact Karen and Ginny and let them know.

Marcia reported on a gathering she went to when visiting family last week in Seattle.  It was sponsored by the Nawt-sa-maat Alliance to protect the water and sea creatures and surrounding countryside of the S…(?) Sea, the body of water to which Puget Sound is connected, from pollution.  The water is already very acidic due to industrial pollution from fossil fuel industry activity.  Marcia connected them to tribal activity here in Wisconsin.  The Alliance tries to protect the “bill of rights” of the water body and its sea creatures.  The Alliance is advocating trails, sanctuaries, and preserves.

John reported on the positive reactions of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network to the resolution passed by DAP to endorse WGN’s mission and to join the WGN CD (Congressional District) Two Alliance.


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