Right to adequate national security

National security has been a common buzzword since September 11, 2001. As I wrote the date, I found it hard to believe that it has been that long since the World Trade Center Twin Towers fell.

National security can be an excuse for all kinds of things.

We need a certain amount of national security to be free from the fear of an external attack, to be sure. No one can be truly free with an external aggressor looming across the border.  And with intercontinental ballistic missiles, that border can be a long way off. 

And national security applies sometimes to protect us from internal attack, too. But what is the price of the kind of national security we see today? Where communities are buying drones to watch their own citizens? Where our every move appears on innumerable closed circuit TV cameras - on both public and private security force screens?

I ran across an article written by a person who had been one of the operators of US drones in Afghanistan that I thought worthy of your review. I offer that article here.


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