Why Participate in the Life of our Community and State?

As Co-founder of our group, I believe in the rights of people to determine how their community, county,state, nation functions. The idea of preserving the freedoms and values basic to all humans is very important to me, so I step in to participate in my community whenever possible. It is important we preserve the rights to the public commons, clean air and water, freedom from tyranny, protection and caring for those less able, education for all,protect public access to information, and make it possible for all those who share such values to interact and collaborate to promote them, take actions when needed, and make an effort to be useful participating citizens in our own nation and in the world.  The DeForest Area Progressives meets to learn about issues, to discuss them, to determine if we are needed to take action, to promote those who share our values, to work for the common good. We welcome those of all points of view, we care to learn from one another. 

retired Spanish teacher, social worker, human rights activist volunteer for life, fine artist, website developer