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DAP meeting notes from June 16, 2014

DEFOREST Area Progressives

Meeting notes

June 16, 2014


Next meeting: Monday, June 23, 2014, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at Ginny's house, 3922 Partridge, in the Windsor Hill neighborhood.

There were seven people present at the June 16th meeting at Peg's house.

There was some pre-meeting chatter about using electronic media, including the storage of documents in Google Drive, which stores the documents in the "cloud."  That means that the document you might be working on is stored at Google, not in your personal computer.  Others can view the document and even work on it with you simultaneously, if that is your desire.  If you look in the upper right hand corner of Google, you will find sixteen dots.  Click on the dots, then click on a ribbon-like triangle for Google Drive.  (I think I got that right?  John)

Ginny reported on the painting party held that Saturday, June 14th , at DeForest Firemen's Park.  John said he thought there were about twenty people or more there.  Ginny said she handed in expenses to Nate for Wisconsin Grassroots Network to reimburse.  WGN had lots of boards to paint, and Bob Crego supplied more.  Assembly candidates Margo Miller, George Ferriter, and Mary Arnold painted signs for their campaigns.  Incumbent Assembly candidate Diane Hesselbein paid a visit too.  Chris was there from Sun Prairie.  Eric was there from Reedsburg.  Lots of people brought food, and Edy excelled, as usual, in putting on the buffet style meal.  We painted both candidate election campaign signs and message signs.  One example of a message sign was "NOT ONE MORE," including a stylized figure of an assault rifle, painted by Peg on the subject of gun violence, quoting the father from Santa Barbara who had lost his son in the shooting there.  John sketched "LIVING WAGE FOR ALL," another example of a message sign.  The Ferriter signs included a symbol of a gear, building on George's credentials as a mechanical engineer.  The weather was good.  The food was good.  The company was as good as it gets, and a good time was had by all.  Thank you again, John Stanley, for thinking up this event.

It was not known whether anyone from the DeForest and Windsor area had attended the voter registrar training June 11th   in Fitchburg (?).  We debated whether or not to do voter registration at the DeForest-Windsor 4th of July celebration, that it might not be appreciated by some.  It was decided to go ahead with it, since simple voter registration is nonpartisan, and stop if asked to stop (i.e., "it's easier to apologize than ask permission").

The scholarships for Marcia and Karen to attend the Netroots conference in Detroit in July now total $300, spurred by the original matching donation of $200 from an anonymous donor.  John will get a check from the DAP treasury for half to each Karen and Marcia at the next meeting.

There was much discussion on the community rights initiative.  Karen handed out samples of various communities' Bills of Rights, a Community Bill of Rights Ordinance, and a handout, "Remember: Democracy Is a Verb, you don't achieve it; you practice it!"  Some of the rights listed in some communities' Bill of Rights are these:

  • Clean air
  • Clean, pure water
  • Clean soil
  • Good public schools for all
  • Maintenance of land-line communications to rural areas
  • Expansion of low cost broadband internet communications infrastructure
  • Sustainable energy future
  • Scenic preservation
  • Health care
  • Veterinary services
  • Public libraries
  • Safe places for kids to play, walk, shop
  • Hand marked, paper ballots hand counted in public
  • Easy access to voter registration
  • Easy access to voting
  • Minimum wage & living wage
  • Local control over environmental health and welfare issues
  • Weapon free zones

These and other points of interest can be "sewn into" individual town, village, and county ordinances from individualized bills of rights.

Members present agreed to study the handouts and the websites for further discussion at future meetings, as DAP moves forward on decisions as to how to participate (or not) in the community bill of rights movement that has gained so much ground in other states.

We brought up the matter of limits on how long a DAP member may submit receipts for reimbursement from the DAP treasury for expenses incurred on behalf of DAP.  Some thought one month, others thought two months.  In the end, consensus was reached that reimbursement must be claimed within two months of incurring expenses.  Also, there was a consensus that before expenses are incurred for reimbursement, permission should be received from the group at one of the weekly meetings, or if that is not feasible, the treasurer (currently JohnSki) may authorize expenditures for later reimbursement.  Of course, it's always okay to spend money on behalf of DAP and then just "eat it," the reimbursement, that is.  J

Ginny is having surgery on July 8th, so she will have to slow down her DAP and other activities for awhile.  Some of us wondered how DAP will be able to function without Ginny at 100%, given the enormous amount of work she undertakes.  Thank you, Ginny, and be well.

Marcia is speaking along with John DeMain on June 18th at the ResiliencyBuilding.  Details can be found on several websites, including

Pat Popple has alerted folks about a session being held by the Wisconsin DNR, the Wisconsin Towns Association, the Wisconsin Counties Association, and the League of Municipalities on mining.  I did not take thorough enough notes to elaborate further on this item.

Those of you who are going on the Save Our State expedition, be safe and have fun.

John Scepanski

Unofficial Notetaker

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Meeting notes for June 9, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes

June 9, 2014


Next meeting: Monday, June 16, 2014, 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Peg's house, 4397 Memorial Circle, Windsor (Wolf Hollow Neighborhood, enter just off Windsor Road across the street from WindsorElementary School).


There were twelve people in attendance at the June 9th meeting.  Note that of late, meeting attendance has been up!


John Scepanski reported on his attendance on behalf of DAP at the 2014 Annual Membership Meeting of the Friends of the Yahara River Headwaters, Inc.  Officers and Board of Directors were elected for 2014.  The FYRH will be meeting this coming year monthly on the first Tuesday of each month at 717 DeForest Street, DeForest.  John will be hosting them at his condo complex clubhouse.  DAP members are urged to attend, since water quality and environmental quality are precisely compatible with DAP aims.  The group heard a presentation from Rachel Fossum, Rural Initiatives Coordinator for Yahara Pride Farms and the Madison lakes area Clean Lakes Alliance.  They are working with area farmers to reduce the amounts of phosphorus runoff that goes into the watershed and lakes.  The Village of DeForest has granted them $10,000 to 1) help farmers plant cover crops, 2) provide field demonstrations, and 3) provide education in leaf management.


George and Sue Ferriter were in attendance to report on George's campaign for Assembly in the 42nd District.  They will inform DAP of opportunities to assist in the campaign.  George has been attending town and village board meetings in the district to get his name known and allow people to get to know him and what he stands for.  We discussed the Wisconsin Conservation Congress and how it exemplifies the "Wisconsin Idea" of citizens and government working together.  George noted that he is learning that issues like water quality cross party lines.  At a Wisconsin Conservation Congress meeting he attended, the group supported repealing the mining law.  When that happened, George's opponent, current 42nd District Rep. Keith Ripp, walked out of the meeting.  Ripp is known to be solidly in the camp of Governor Walker and the large corporate interests favored by the Walker camp.  A further discussion ensued on the corruption of the Wisconsin DNR under the Walker administration.  The DNR seems now to be merely a permit granting agency, no longer the watchdog for the environment that it once was.  Another big issue that interests George Ferriter is the deterioration of our roads and highways.  One thing that could have been done is to put some of the big budget surplus toward road repair, rather than simply sending it back to taxpayers.  George feels there are other areas of responsibility where government is falling down on the job because of the neglect by Republicans in charge.  Margaret Worthington said that we need a candidates' forum in DeForest like the one we had before at the library.  George will be at the sign painting picnic at DeForest Firemens Park Saturday the 21st.


Speaking of the sign painting picnic, Ginny reported on preparations.  All seems to be set.  See you there 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Brats and soft drinks will be provided; being a dish to share.  Bring your painting supplies.

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Meeting notes from May 19, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes

May 19, 2014


No meeting next Monday, Memorial Day, May 26, 2014.  Next meeting will be Monday, June 2nd , 6:00-8:00 p.m. at John's condo clubhouse, 717 DeForest Street, DeForest.


Schedule for upcoming regular meetings of DeForest Area Progressives:

  • (skip Memorial Day - no meeting)
  • June 2nd at John's condo clubhouse, 717 DeForest St., DeForest
  • June 9th at Don's, 3736 Shiloh Rd. in Token Creek
  • June 9th at Peg's, 4397 Memorial Circle, Windsor

All meetings are 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., as usual.


There were 13 people at the May 19th meeting.


Karen briefed us on how to magnify our Facebook participation.  She passed out a handout on the subject.


The painting picnic is set for Saturday, June 14th, 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. at DeForest Fireman's Park.  Thanks especially to John Stanley for organizing this affair.  Among the invitees are all DeForest area progressives, Progressive Partners, and a host of others.  Mary Arnold (and Sue Salter) and George Ferriter, both candidates for Assembly, will be there.  Margo Miller, another candidate for Assembly, will try to make it.  We are hoping for Diane Hesselbein too.*  As noted in the invitation you received, Wisconsin Grassroots Network will provide brats, and DAP will provide soda and water.  A donation will be appreciated.  Bring a dish to pass.  Also, bring sign painting supplies if you have them.


"Tailgating to Save Our State" is scheduled for June 18th.  This is a driving excursion to the Penokees, among many other events along the way, to publicize and work for clean energy in Wisconsin. See for more information.


Mary Arnold and Henry stopped by to pick up nomination papers and discuss her campaign.  Mary's official campaign kickoff will be June 21st at Fireman's Park in Columbus from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.


We touched on plans for our participation in the DeForest 4th of July celebration, including our parade float.


There was much discussion about the idea to have an open mic at least quarterly in the DeForest area. 

  • Don volunteered to scout out some locations in restaurants or bars.
  • people talk about issues, make speeches
  • social, hang out
  • issues, sign up for time slots to speak, sing, whatever
  • guest speakers, entertainers
  • open to public
  • John St. sing Peter, Paul, & Mary songs
  • nostalgia for Kingston Trio and like
  • Leonardo's band
  • uplifting, mood raising
  • "You cannot subsist without your daily quota of joy."  - Don
  • jam, joke telling
  • one really cool speaker
  • How advertise?
  • Review significance of protest songs, social and political commentary.


*DeForest has three Assembly reps, being divided unusually into three Assembly districts.  

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Meeting notes for May 12, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes for May 12, 2014


Next meeting: Monday, May 19, 2014, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at Isabel's, 816 South Street, DeForest.  Note that this will be our last time at Isabel's, as the condo has been sold.  Further meeting locations will be sent to you when they are arranged.

 There were ten people present at the meeting on the 12th.

 Since we are losing Isabel's condo as a meeting place, we discussed other meeting sites for the future: members' homes, library, unrented offices, restaurants & bars, etc.

 Regarding our on-going discussion over some sort of regular, maybe quarterly, open mic affair, the new wine bar opening up in DeForest might be a venue, as they were noted in the Times-Tribune article as wanting to become a sort of casual hangout in the DeForest area.  Other discussion on the open mic idea....

 The Wisconsin state Democratic Convention is being held in the Dells on June 6 and 7.  John, Marcia, and Karen are going.  Others are encouraged to go and to vote for Nate Timm for continuing chair of the Dems's Rural Caucus.

 John Stanley has entered our DAP float in the DeForest 4th of July parade (we're number 14).  We decided on the theme, "Let Freedom Ring."  Those riding on the float will ring bells.  John, Leonardo, Don, Marcia, and Peg have volunteered so far to ride/walk with the float.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to join them and help build the float and so on.  More on the float later.  Some of us will be working as volunteers at bingo.  DAP 4th of July activities will be the subject of further agenda items at future meetings leading up to the 4th.

 The painting party/picnic/workshop has been set for June 14th at DeForest Fireman's park (the big, old park downtown).  Thanks to John Stanley for reserving the pavilion and all.  THANKS BIG JOHN!  The shelter is reserved from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  We will have music, food, and sign painting for all.  The Wisconsin Grassroots Network, our partners in this endeavor, will be providing brats.  We -- DAP -- will provide soda.  Otherwise, attendees should bring a dish to share a la potluck.  Karen will provide a list of supplies to bring: saw horses, brushes, tarps, red/white/black paint, rollers, pans, cans, containers for paint, plywood and other surfaces to paint, etc.  JohnSki will send out the invitations to all DAP-pers and Progressive Partners.  We will teach attendees how to paint both the "big red" signs and the "burma shave" signs.

 Karen and Marcia will attend the Netroots Nation conference in Detroit on July 15-20.  It is an annual national gathering of grassroots activists who are IT savvy: bloggers, tweeters, facebookers, etc.  The keynote speaker is Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Karen and Marcia are gathering votes, trying to qualify for scholarships to attend, as it is quite pricey.

 Dan Rowe spoke about working with George Ferriter on George's campaign for Wisconsin Assembly.  He talked about trying to get a joint fundraiser going for Ferriter, Arnold, and Hesselbein.  Dan will keep us informed of progress on this project and what we can do to help.  Marcia also noted that some of us will be available to drop lit, knock on doors, etc., wherever there might be gaps identified in locations, small towns, etc.

 Karen talked about DAP on Facebook, the old Facebook page -- who? what?  She will discuss it again next week, as time was short in this meeting.  Someone mentioned maybe having training on how to use Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.

 John St. and Marcia talked about resuming discussions about DAP policy.  We remembered that John had written up in some detail some drafts of policy that we might want to consider.  We need more organization such as timelines and chairs for projects, committees, how to propose a project, how to submit a project for consideration and things of that nature.

 We failed to discuss the item that Beth Trotter had asked about, that is, herbicide spraying on school grounds.

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Meeting notes for April 28, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes for April 28, 2014


Next meeting: Monday, May 5, 2014, at Isabel's, 816 South Street in DeForest, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.


Ten people were present at the April 28th meeting.


May 19th will be the last meeting at Isabel's condo, as the condo has been sold.  We will continue meeting, then, at Dawn and Ginny's houses.


JohnSki reported on his latest visit to the DeForest village Planning and Zoning Committee meeting, where among other topics, they discussed two chapters of the proposed revised comprehensive village plan, Chapters 6 and 3, "Land Use" and "Downtown," respectively.  John volunteered to keep up these monitoring visits when the P&Z Committee discusses changes in the comprehensive plan.


Marcia reported on her attendance the previous Tuesday at the Earth Day Conference in Madison.  There were excellent speakers on the topic of climate change.  We must keep thinking about community rights in the face of business and industrial corporations that would run roughshod over local communities.  See next paragraph.


There will be a training conference in Viroqua, May 23-26, on "Community Rights Networking."  There are already a hundred local communities around the country that have successfully established community bills of rights, and only two of those bills have been challenged by corporations who would exploit local communities' resources.  The communities who have protected themselves have put in place ordinances before they face such challenges as the sand mining in Wisconsin.  For the present, we should all familiarize ourselves with the websites on the topic.  It was noted that Leonardo had put on our list of brainstormed things DAP should engage in, a community environmental bill of rights.    Maybe we could host an event ourselves to familiarize Wisconsin with the concepts and introduce CELDF, the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.  In short, we have a right to clean water, clean air, unpolluted land, and a way of life not disrupted by unwarranted and unwanted industrial activity.  An informal poll of those present found unanimous agreement that DAP should get involved with this CELDF stuff. 


Janet summed up the efforts so far to collect signatures for Mary Burke's nomination for governor, as well as other nomination papers that DAP members are circulating.


Karen reported on the tar sands pipeline issue, taking note of the "cowboys and indians" action taking place in Washington, D.C.  There is a tar sludge pipeline in operation already in Dane County (the Enbridge Pipeline) that carries the oil sludge from Alberta, Canada, through Wisconsin to a refinery in Chicago (owned, by the way, by the infamous Koch brothers).  The tarmac-like substance mined in Alberta is diluted to make it viscous enough to transport through the pipeline.  At the Chicago refinery, it is separated, and the dilutant is sent back to Alberta via another, parallel pipeline.  The part of the pipeline that runs through DaneCounty is in the northeastern part near where CountyV intersects Hwy. 151.  The pipeline itself is underground, but the pumping stations are above ground and visible.  The tarmac-like substance is strip mined in Alberta, where the trees are first taken down, and then huge machinery is used to dig into the earth.  The refinery in Chicago converts the raw substance to "pet-coke" (petroleum coke which is used to burn with coal in production facilities like electric generation plants), heavy oils, greases, and diesel.  It is not suitable for gasoline.  A pipe like the Enbridge burst not long ago in Michigan, about 150 miles east of us, causing tremendous pollution and damage.  The proposed XL pipeline that gets so much attention these days is not the only one.


Shirley mentioned four Wisconsin Assembly campaigns that "Turn Wisconsin Blue" is working on.


Liz finished four sides of signs, except for the messages to be put on them.  Mary Lou has two signs, four sides, she needs done.  There are a few "big red" signs that need some maintenance and repair, too.  John St. suggested (again) that we host a sign painting picnic/workshop in one of the DeForest area parks.  We can have some fun ourselves and invite others among Progressive Partners to join us to learn about sign production and enjoy the picnic with us.


Karen reported on bumper sticker and button sales.  She gave JohnSki $57 to deposit in the DAP checking account.  We should sell more at the DeForest area 4th of July celebration.  We should have a table or booth for sales, voter registration, sign recruitment, etc.  Further discussion on this and the float for the parade will ensue at later meetings.


Finally, for those of you who are more adventurous than others of us, in the UW Arboretum there is going to be training for those who intend to put their bodies on the line, so to speak, if and when the XL Pipeline begins construction.


Next meeting: Monday, May 5, 2014, at Isabel's, 816 South Street in DeForest, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

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Meeting notes from April 21, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes for April 21, 2014

Next meeting: Monday, April 28, 2014, at Isabel's, 816 South Street in DeForest, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Dawn opened the meeting with the lyrics for a new song she is going to submit to the Raging Grannies, sung to the tune of "Along Comes Mary" by The Association from the sixties/seventies.  The theme is Mary Burke for Governor.  Cute, Dawn!

Most of the meeting was taken up with discussion about Mary Burke's candidacy.  JohnSki passed out copies of an article that appeared in last week's The Capital Times, "The Real Mary Burke."  We are educating ourselves about Mary, gearing u to support her in the campaign.  Those of you who have filled up nomination papers can drop them off at Janet's house, 4054 Gray Road.  Note that you've to go the roundabout way (literally) to get there: Windsor Road to Portage Road to Gray Road (Tinker to Evers to Chance for you baseball history fans :-).  Janet will get the completed papers in to Eric in Madison.  You may also call Janet, and she will pick them up.  Those who are interested are going to meet at 4:00 p.m. Tuesday in VeteransPark in DeForest to gather signatures from the drivers of cars passing by, a la the collections for the recall.

Dawn suggested "Join the Party" as a theme for this year's DeForest 4th of July parade float theme.  We can decorate with balloons, etc., as for a party.

Karen briefed us on training available for Keystone XL pipeline protesters.

Liz reported on her attendance at the public speak-out on Sanimax in DeForest and the odor problem from the bio-diesel operation. It was a big public turnout, and Liz was proud of our elected representatives the way they stood up for the people.  Stand by for further developments.

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Meeting notes for April 7 and March 31, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Notes to meeting of April 7, 2014


Next meeting: Monday, April 14, 2014, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at Isabel's 816 South Street, DeForest


There were eight people at the April 7th meeting.  John reported a balance of $205.66 in our checking account as of the end of March.


We hashed out a review of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network sixth annual festival at WisconsinHeightsHigh School in Mazomanie.  "We want your ideas."  DAP had a significant presence at the festival and helped much in its planning and execution.


Marcia led a discussion on what do you see in the future for DAP that is important to you:


  • in community
  • fun things
  • with other groups
  • political, non-political
  • SPARC (Sun Prairie) does a lot of non-political, community things like great books group, food pantry, and meals for kids
  • Ginny said she thinks we should do more in our own backyard -- non-political things like DANN (DeForest Area Needs Network), food pantry, Friends of the Upper Yahara River Headwaters
  • Shirley said she doesn't know DeForest and Windsor well enough yet but wants to get to know them better.
  • Leo: community environmental bill of rights, yes!
  • Karen: outreach to Morrisonville progressives
  • Janet: support Mary Burke for governor; also schools, reading with kids program
  • 4th of July parade participation again this year; volunteer to help with the parade too
  • Norskie Nibbles
  • Blessings in a Backpack
  • voter registration; and voter registration at high schools


Karen passed out a flyer on what products manufactured by the Koch brothers can be boycotted.


Janet briefed us on the effort statewide and county (Dane) wide to gather signatures on Mary Burke's nomination papers.  We set up plans to do so, including a post at VeteransPark in DeForest like the station we set up there to gather signature on the recall petitions.  More on this at next week's meeting; also nomination signatures for Mary Arnold, Diane Hesselbein, and George Ferriter.


Discussion on sign projects and




Some quick notes from the March 31, 2014, meeting:


Getting $200 maybe from WGN for all work done for festival

Discussion and plans for election work

April 22nd Earth Day Conference

May 22 CELDF workshop in Viroqua

May 1st Heather and The Progressive magazine at Monona Terrace, Diane Ravitch; search Diane Ravitch internet for details

Much discussion on local electoral politics, including speculation about DaneCounty tea party activity and ALEC influence

"Tons of leafleting" done by DAP members and associates - THANKS!

We distributed at least 2000 pieces of literature for the move-to-amend referendums - GOOD GOING!  Special thanks to Janet for her unwavering efforts.

More discussion on further move-to-amend efforts all over

Karen -- "Not to Be Used for Bribing Politicians" currency stamps. J

Ginny needs new place for sign painting

Janet - OFADaneCounty team, Mary Burke, Janet will keep us in the game

Marcia - peaceful actions at Senator Tiffany's office

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Meeting notes from March 24, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes

March 24, 2014


Next meeting: Monday, March 31, 2014, at Isabel's, 816 South Street, DeForest, 6:00-8:00 p.m.


There were seven people at the March 24th meeting.  Chair Marcia passed out a printed agenda for the meeting!


Thank yous were passed all around for attendance and work done by DAP-pers on the Wisconsin Grassroots Network Festival last Saturday, the 22nd.  The DAP presence and contribution were notable.  Also true of the Mike McCabe presentation at the DeForest Library.  Karen reported that those staffing the table at the WGN Fest sold 27 bumper stickers (18 "Vote Burke Not the Jerk" and 9 "Want to Work Vote for Burke") and 54 two and a quarter inch buttons and 3 three inch buttons.  There was $95 in the bag at the end of the day, although there should have been $111.  It was a lesson in watching both the inventory and the cash box more carefully at future events.  There was lots of video taken at the Fest, especially of George Lakoff's presentations, and it will be available on Youtube.


We went over leafleting and other plans to promote the two referendums on the DeForest and Windsor ballots April 1st


Marcia expounded on the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF).  Both she and Karen have attended some of the CELDF training.  She asked all of us to review the CELDF web page to get familiar with it and to try to decide what, if anything, we want to pursue along those lines.  Do we want to pursue CELDF projects locally in Wisconsin, as has been done successfully in other states?  What do we want to do as DAP?  CELDF has lawyers who will help local communities to develop and pass "Declarations of Community Rights," which will help to resist outside forces such as mining corporations from pushing locals around.  Further discussion on this topic will take place at future DAP meetings.


John Stanley reported on a number of contacts he has made and other issues and questions that came up in regard to the WGN Fest.




                                                           John Scepanski

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Meeting notes from March 17, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives Meeting Notes March 17, 2014 Next meeting: Monday, March 24, 2014, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Isabel's, 816 South Street, DeForest There were 14 people present at the March 17th meeting. Good turnout! Terri Treinen joined us for the first hour. Terri is running for DeForest Area School Board. She is a 1988 graduate of DeForest High School. She has her MBA from Edgewood. Three years ago she became interested in the school district when the discussions were going on about administrators' raises. She has a child in attendance in the district. She feels the current school board is too remote. She does not care too much for the "policy governance" method of doing board business. If elected, she will be more engaged and "in the buildings" of the schools, as the current board has not been. She feels the jury is still out on Common Core. She feels that the budget cuts of the last few years at the state level are having a negative impact, although DASD is not as impacted as other districts. She thinks the board needs more give and take with the public, and she is appalled at the poor public attendance at school board meetings. There is no video of the meetings, and meeting minutes are vague and uninformative. Terri does not like the elimination of elementary school librarians and reading specialists. There are two reading specialists in the district now, but we need more, as reading is of utmost importance. We talked of many other subjects. All of those in attendance seemed very impressed with Terri Treinen and some volunteered to work for her election. We discussed activities afoot to promote the passage of "YES" votes on the two referendums on the ballot April 1st to get money out of politics (or at least to lessen its influence). Signs are going up. A lit drop is in the works. We had decent attendance at the Mike McCabe presentation, along with coverage by Lauren Anderson of the local news media, the DeForest Times-Tribune. At least two and maybe more DAP members will be out on the curbs holding up "VOTE YES" signs the day of voting. DAP has a significant role in the Wisconsin Grassroots Network's 6th Annual Festival this Saturday at Wisconsin Heights High School in Mazomanie. We will have our DAP publicity table, kindly furnished and paid for by Frank D. Several of us will be facilitating breakout sessions. Special thanks to Marcia for pushing us all to get acquainted with George Lakoff's writings, as George will be the featured keynote speaker. Marcia reported on the CELDF (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) training she attended recently. CELDF teaches communities -- towns and villages -- how to defend themselves against large corporate takeovers of their local resources. We are no longer the targets of concern by our state legislatures. Corporations are. Many communities around the country are formulating and passing their very own bills of rights (for example, the rights to clean air and clean water). CELDF helps those communities pass ordinances that can help them to defend against corporate exploitation. We will hear more on this at future meetings. In the meantime, do a computer search for CELDF and peruse their website. Ginny reported on the George Ferriter gathering in Cambria last weekend, where George announced his candidacy for Wisconsin's 42nd Assembly District rep against Keith Ripp, whom some of us have been trying to unseat for several elections now. Five or six DAP-pers were in attendance, and a good time was had by all. Work for George, vote for George! Janet mentioned in brief her work with OFA in preparation for the Mary Burke campaign against Scott Walker for governor. Come to the WGN Festival tomorrow, and come to the next DAP meeting Monday. Solidarity Forever! John
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DAP meeting notes from December 16, 2013

DeForest Area Progressives

meeting notes

December 16, 2013


Six people met on the sixteenth. 

The group okayed January 25th for our hosting of the Progressive Partners quarterly meeting.  Liz arranged for the facilities at the DMBWindsorNeighborhoodCenter again, as last April.  John sent in the $45 fee and $100 security deposit (returned as long as we leave the premises neat and clean).  The tentative lineup will be 10:00 a.m. to noon, reports, Q&A, planning from each group present; lunch from noon to 1:00 with informal interchange; and a program from 1:00 to 2:00 (probably something from Marcia on messaging, Lakoff theory, etc).  Yet to be decided is whether to have a simple BYO sack or box lunch or another potluck as we usually have.  We should plan to provide coffee, tea, water, soda, juice, etc., and maybe a selection from Windsor Breads.  Marcia, please put these final touches discussion on the agenda for the next meeting.

A message from Beth Trotter alerted us to the fact that there will be a Windsor vacancy on the DeForest Area School District (DASD) Board this coming election.  The Windsor Rep is not running for re-election.  There are also two other spots up for election, and the incumbents are running again.  Please, some-DAP-per from Windsor run!  Remember, tea partiers are watching too.

Most of the meeting was occupied with a very informative conversation with Brita Olsen, Political Director for the Wisconsin Democratic Party.  Brita is only a few months into the job, but she has other experience with the party.  She has lived for ten years in Madison, having graduated from the UW-Madison, and is originally from Manitowoc.  She spoke about fundraising, the three regions that have been established to implement the "72 county strategy," and a unique "Red to Blue" project to take back some tough districts from the Republicans.  Brita said that Dems in Wisconsin should not be discouraged, recognizing the facts that Democratic Party membership in Wisconsin has doubled in recent years.  The party has many more trained and experienced activists in place than ever before, much due to the organizing efforts of OFA and such in the last few years.  She expressed confidence that we can "go after" Walker in a meaningful way and succeed.  When pressed to identify three main ideas, she named 1) Medicaid/BadgerCare, 2) women's health, and 3) student loan debt.  Of course, limiting her to three topics was unfair, as we discussed many more than that, all of which we do not have space here to detail.  We all look forward to seeing more of Brita in the near future. 

We also discussed a resolution opposing frack sand mining being sponsored by the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice and the Madison Action for Mining Alternatives (MAMA).  All DAP in attendance approved signing on in support of the resolution.

Marcia provided copies of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network's "NEWSPAPER DIRECTORY."  As part of the letters-to-the-editors project, each of us who writes letters should provide to Marcia whom we write to, when, and a summary of the topic.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.        

John Scepanski

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