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"DON’T BE AN IDIOT! I used “idiot” in the same way that ancient Greeks originally meant it. Idiotes were not people with low-watt brains, but individuals who cared only about themselves, refusing to participate in public efforts to benefit the larger community — to serve the common good." Thus spake Jim Hightower in a commencement address to his high school graduating class in June 2013. Obviously, the House Republicans deserve that moniker. 

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  • commented 2013-09-28 18:22:28 -0500
    RIGHT ON! Good start to the DeForest Area Progressives (DAP) new Blogosphere! We need to turn down the volume of the Idiots and watch a Good Programs like Obamacare shine as we knew it would! Sam-I-Am will change his name to Sam-I-Will approve of something so obviously beneficial to so many!