Clean Air: A right of all citizens!

Clean Air: A basic right of all citizens!

With clean air, we are free of air-borne pollution. Our lungs are designed for a mix of air that keeps us able functiion at a high standard as our bodies were designed. When our access to clean air is diminished due to pollution from industrial sources, or air-borne diseases, our rights are violated. As citizens we have the right to insist on communities free of polluted air which can shorten life-spans, initiate chronic breathing problems associated with air pollution, and restrict or curtail our access to basic freedoms such as being active in daily chores, our work, our community. 

Industrial activities known to limit healthy breathing of communities due to the pollution the industry generates and permits to enter our shared airways:

Oil refineries

Oil fracking activities

Coal plants

Coal refineries

Silica Sand mining and processing, and hauling.

Agricultural practices such as insecticide spraying, fertilizer spreading & spraying.

Smog production by intensity of roadway traffic. 



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