This is the page used to organize the DeForest Area Progressives various Blogs and Opinions types of pages.

Blogs - Individual pages written by particular people that permit comments on each item by other people.

Meeting Notes - Notes of weekly D.A.P. meetings submitted in blog format by John Scepanski that permit comments on each week's notes. This allows attendees to correct the notes if necessary. 

Humor - Individual items submitted that may include videos or cartoons. This is a BLOG space and is open to entries from all! 

The following are NOT yet all true blogs.

Voices/Voces - Individual items submitted that may include videos or music. Comments may or may not be allowed by the submitter.

Suffer the Refugee Children - an article about conditions in Latin America that sent a flood of children north to the United States.

The Arts & Activism - links and articles about arts in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Progressive Blogs For You - links to progressive blogs from all over the state!




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