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Keystone XL and Trans Canada Lies

During the last presidential election, the GOP was trying to push the Keystone XL pipeline as a way to solve "America's energy crisis," conveniently forgetting that the "oil" was not coming from the United States, but from our neighbor to the north - Canada.

Now I love and respect Canadians in general. I appreciate what they have done for my age group mates during Viet Nam and for some of the members of the U.S. embassy staff during the Iran hostage crisis. But their Prime Minister's trying to strong arm our President into taking the Keystone XL pipeline across the border coupled with TransCanada Oil's misstatements of fact regarding the purported benefits of this pipeline are getting too much to bear!

Get the facts on the Keystone XL pipeline here and share them with your friends!

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We're Still Here

Yes we can cause a lot of trouble if you send our children to fight and to die
Or poison the food or try to delude us with ads that blatantly lie
Our children have minds meant for learning 
If there is a god, then god lives in them 
Books are not meant for burning  
What is it you feel that you must condemn?
But no matter how hard you push us around, there is something around the bend

We're still here 
Choosing love over fear  
When the lines are drawn we’re still here
We’re still here making it perfectly clear 
When the lines are drawn we’re still here

No matter how much you love to hate us, and fear is driving a stake in your heart
As long as the stars shine bright in the sky then love will keep doing its part
Yes, you may try to stop the music 
But music has wings and flies over the walls
It’s there when we dance and when we romance 
It’s there when the dictator falls
But no matter how hard you push us around, there’s one thing you need to recall

Sometimes we get sad and discouraged 
As old friends die and dreams slip from our grasp
But much as we treasure our memories, we don’t live in the past
Years can bring us grey hair and wrinkles 
And wisdom as well, I hasten to say
With walkers and canes we are standing 
Between young people and harm’s way
And your job just got harder today

We're still here    
Choosing love over fear
When the lines are drawn we’re still here
We’re still here, making it perfectly clear
When the lines are drawn we’re still here
When the lines are drawn we’re still here


 Music by Holly Near and John Bucchino / © Hereford Music

 Listen to the music with video of the Capitol protest!

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Welcome to DeForest Area Progressives Blogosphere!

I am honored to be able to write one of the first blogs in the new DeFo Area Progressives blog space. We hope that it will soon have lots of company!

I will have a great deal to say about framing and stuff on the environment (especially mining), also education (I am in favor of the public variety), government, politicians, philosophers (some of them dead), economists and a variety of other stuff. What follows is MY personal opinion. Please do not take it that I speak for all members of this organization, much less for all Progressives.

I believe that all people have value, that all people have rights to clean air and water. I believe that all people have the right to a living wage when we are working and that we also have the right to a secure retirement. I believe that all people have the right to healthcare at reasonable cost without concern for preexisting conditions. I believe that all people have the right to know what is in their food, their clothing and in the buildings in which they live and work. 

I believe that all people have the right to vote and have their votes counted as they intended. I also believe that human beings who are born and breathe are the ones whose speech is protected by the Constitution of the United States, not the organizations created by the laws promulgated under that same Constitution. In other words, a creature of the law should not be able to claim the same rights as the creators of the law.

I believe that every human being has the right to control what is done to, on or within his or her own body. This includes the right to end one's own life at such time as one chooses and the right to accept or deny treatment or procedures of any kind. I believe that without such absolute control over oneself, no one can be truly free.

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