Below is a Directory of Freedom-Action-Issues  linked to  information on topics and values important to progressives and liberals. These values/issues directly correlate to the elements progressives include when they make up the mosaic containing important aspects of freedom.  

Please explore this list of  Our Progressive Freedom Action-Issues .  There are many more concepts; we will keep adding to them.

In the topic: Understanding the Meaning of Freedom, we will compare the various generally held aspects of freedom as they match the Progressive and Conservative models. It is a Progressive Action to learn the differences between the two viewpoints! The aspects of freedom we hold most closely are our values and we act on our values! 

When we understand our rights to these valuable freedoms and the issues arising around them, our voices will be stronger, our actions more effective!

Please Note:  

DeForest Area Progressives actively promotes the Progressive Values reflected in every item on the list below.   

To learn more about what we do and how you can be a part of this strong Wisconsin progressive project, please explore and learn about the topics here.

This is a work by volunteers. We add information to each of these points as time allows. Some of the links will be developed  sooner than others, but our goal is to fill out each section with information, great media and the most highly recommended references.  If you wish to write for or add information to one of the pages within the list of Action-Issues, we would love to hear from you.  Please  suggest new topics help us  work on that topic for the site! We invite collaboration!

 List of Progressive Action Values and Issues:

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