What is Freedom and Whose is it?

Freedom is a term with many meanings to many people. To understand one another we must determine if we agree on what freedom means to us. We also need to examine 'how other folks think of freedom and why'.  When liberal thinkers speak of 'freedom' or 'their freedoms', they refer to a very different set of ideas about freedom than do conservatives. In our blog about Freedom, we will examine these differences and identify the progressive viewpoints about freedom contrasted with the conservative. We will link to more information on this topic. It is important to understand these differences if we are to learn how to work with each other as citizens sharing the same towns, cities, counties, states and nations.  


This is a question of great importance we need to understand from both the liberal and conservative perspectives. Knowledge is a type of freedom, and by gaining knowledge about freedom as it is valued in our nation and world, we increase our chances of working together more effectively as we share life here on earth!  We can manage this if we understand one another! Let's give it a try! Please comment and ask more questions!  

Whose Freedom is most like your idea of freedom? We will list the aspects of the term freedom most closely linked to both the conservative and liberal viewpoints, We will give background information on how these conclusions have developed and give references so you can discover more on this critical topic. 

There are very clear differences in the set of accepted definitions of 'freedoms' and 'freedom' between the way these values are held by liberals and conservatives.   We invite you to read about this and identify which freedoms 'fit' your point of view. It is a fascinating exercise that will offer all of us a chance to see what makes the world tick when it talks about this most important idea. Please join me in this examination of one of our most important and cherished ideas, it will help us protect and promote the 'freedoms' we value most deeply!  

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