Who's On Primary Ballot August 12 2014?

Who's On My Ballot for the Primary?

This is a little COMPLICATED. So I will explain: there are state-wide offices on the ballot. And the ballot will look DIFFERENT this time!

In a PARTISAN primary, you have to vote ONLY for the candidates of ONE party. On THIS ballot, you MUST declare WHICH party that will be at the BEGINNING of the ballot and then START with that party's section and STOP when that party's section ENDS. 

To make your life a bit easier, I brought in a PICTURE of the ballot (at least the parts with the state-wide candidates) and have attached a listing of the candidates that vary by your local assembly, state senate and federal house of representative districts.

Here is the list of LOCAL PEOPLE - You can either just look at it to find the ones that apply to you, or download it to your computer, to look at it at your leisure! EVEN THOUGH this list looks like the candidates are running against each other Republicans vs. Dems - THEY ARE NOT. If there are multiple lines within a column, the candidates IN THE SAME COLUMN are running against each other and you must choose between them!

And HERE is the NEW Ballot: I am sorry if it is hard to read - you will be able to find sample ballots posted on your local polling place doors and on your local municipality websites (with your local candidates' names in the correct places)!


 Here is Page 2 - this only applies if you have Constitution Party candidates in your district - which I do not believe anyone does!




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