WATER - Life's Necessity

Water means survival to most living beings, plant or animal. Including humans. In many ways, we are squandering this treasure instead of preserving the quality and quantity of water available in proper amounts and forms for use on this planet. We see gigantic oceans, rushing rivers, tremendous freshwater bodies and we think there is plenty of water. How much of this water is still useful to us, how much are we using daily for our communities, industry, and agriculture. How are we recycling the waste water so we can reuse it in beneficial ways. Can we do better?  We will look at answers to these questions so we can understand how fragile our water supply is as the planet suffers from global warming, overuse of resources, and the increasing demands on a limited supply of this life-giver: our water. 

Several of these pages will look at other states as well as Wisconsin, since water is under attack across the country. Please click on a state in our growing list: Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the balance of this page will be devoted to Wisconsin and our problems closer to home!





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