The arts and culture of all sorts add flesh to the bones of civic life and spice to the food that sustains us all!

These pages will be an exploration of the different artists in the visual, performing and literary arts who make us think, inspire us to dream, compel us to share with our fellows and in general to be more human and humane!

Wisconsin Trails Magazine - Arts and Culture Section

Creative Action Network - ONE OF THE NETROOTS NATION14 EXHIBITORS! - See America Project-See Wisconsin - A collection of posters and notecards of scenic Wisconsin for your use or for special occasion or holiday giving!

Penokee Arts - Explore the Iron Hills - an online version of a traveling art exhibit that was last seen in this part of the state in Milwaukee last year.

Portal - An online gallery of contemporary Wisconsin artists

Art for These Times --Artists using folk art and graphics to address political issues.


Some poetry:


I heard upon his dry dung-heap
That man cry out who cannot sleep:
"If God is God He is not good,
If God is good He is not God;
Take the even, take the odd,
I would not sleep here if I could
Except for the little green leaves in the wood
And the wind on the water."

— Nickles, in J.B.: A Play in Verse by Archibald MacLeish [The Pulitzer Prize play, 1959] (New York: Samuel French, Inc., 1958), p. 18.


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