Senator Tiffany's Efforts to Kill Local Control Will Continue

The latest attempt by Tiffany to preempt local control over the rights of local governments to regulate local health and welfare of their citizenry

will occur in FALL 2014 BUDGET bill negotiations. 

The balance of this page will TEMPORARILY reflect the state legislature's RECENT history of attempts to override local control in the interests of their corporate paymasters!

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This page content is provided with thanks to many people who testified at and reported on the hearing Monday March 3, 2014, INCLUDING State Senator Kathleen Vinehout, who arrived wearing several pounds of brace on her arm to testify in ringing tones about her opposition to this bill. Read her testimony in full below:

Kathleen Vinehout's March 3rd testimony presented as her weekly column!   

Testimony from Wisconsin Towns' Association - LAST MINUTE CHANGE TO AGAINST!!!

Senator Jauch's comments on the passage of SB632 out of committee.  

Forest Jahnke of Crawford Stewardship Project - his testimony of March 3 2014

Report on SB 632 from Green Bay PressGazette 

Open letter on Sand Mining from Attorney Elizabeth Feil

Report from Wisconsin Watch on SB 632 and influence of industry on legislative process. 


The following refers to the October,2013 hearing on SB349: Thanks to those who testified, or who rallied support for those who did come to the Capitol to beard the Senators in their den. In particular, I would like to thank the patience of those from the sand mining country who spent long hours on the bus from Chippewa county (among other places) and then had to leave without their voices being heard! Despite Senator Tiffany's best efforts to delay testimony from local folks living near the mines, some were heard!. And a special thanks to Rebecca Kemble (of MAMA) for most of the below links.

From my notes: Victoria Trinko and Daryl Speer of the Town of Cooks Valley (poster child of one of the reasons for this legislation) both spoke. Victoria is the town clerk. She spoke against the bill. Daryl is the newly elected town chair. He said he was in favor of Scott Walker's election but after this bill (SB 349) was introduced, he thought that the state might be going in the wrong direction. 
Also, Pat Popple's impressions of her travels to/from Chippewa Falls on the bus:
A bus load of people from NW Wisconsin headed out for  Madison, WI,  on Oct. 24, 2013 at 6 a.m. making scheduled stops along the way to pick up more friends. They were a adventurous, hearty and determined band of pioneers bound and determined to speak to the  Committee on Workforce Development, Forestry, Mining, and Revenue (Chaired by Senator Tiffany) about  Senate Bill 349 and how it will affect changes in their local towns, municipalities and counties if passed . Senate Bill 349 ( also called the "Regulatory Certainty Act", "Regulatory Uncertainty Act", "Regulatory Confusion Act", "The Moscow Model", "State Power-Grab", "Kneecapping Local Communities Act" during the day) was designed to give the state the power to take over regulations of non-metallic mines in WI in most every aspect. Counties and towns have been largely responsible for decision making regarding health, safety and welfare of their constituents, but this could all change. You should have copies of the bill in your email files as well as information from Ron Koshoshek about his interpretation (please check the past mailings). If you haven't already done so, please read the information so you can have a strong base of understanding about the bill do you can use it  to write to legislators and the writers behind this bill, make statements to the media, or pen letters to the editor of your local, regional or state press!

We arrived about 9:40 a.m., a little after the hearings started, but the chair (Tiffany) allowed all the bill sponsors to speak well beyond the the 3 minutes that would have been allotted to the citizenry. Their basic premise  was that there is currently a mix of local ordinances that make for an environment of uncertainty and instability for these financially strapped and  struggling frac sand mines who were being exploited by bullying local townships. After prompting from Senator Jauch, none could come up with an example of a local ordinance that had overstepped its authority; neither could they give an estimate of how many local ordinances would become null and void if this legislation passed. By the time these people had finished, the bus riders had to return to their homes without a chance of speaking although we were promised they would fit us in . 

We had experienced a full day and returned home into the setting sun and darkness exhausted, but motivated to continue on our way, to motivate local and county boards to stand up and take control of their own destinies. This state "power-grab" is still with us, but the voices in opposition must be heard loudly and clearly. If we continue to persist( and we must) on many fronts  and remain vigilant, we remain have to remain hopeful that this bill will not pass. We who attended this session are dependent upon you to express your views, too. 
From Madison local channel 3's website Channel Lawmakers disagree on sand mining regulation bill

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online blog from a member of their editorial board - the bill needs adjusting since it removes too much local control:

From the same source, the League of Women Voters of  Ashland and Bayfield counties write to oppose the bill:

More from the same source: Sand mine bill author concedes changes are needed

From the Cap Times, Latest mining bill would mean no local oversight of 100 Dane County sites, including frac sand:   

Since the argument IN FAVOR of the bill is that excessive regulation by local governments is strangling the industry, I am presenting the following joint labor-management editorial: from the Journal Sentinel online: 

and another Journal Sentinel story: Sand mine bill hearing gets heated, while GOP senator expresses doubts  

This video is from Wisconsin Voices, regarding the Glenwood City case where a group of citizens is trying to recall local officials over the issue of a local sand mine being permitted in close proximity to the local high school. 


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