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We know that the 2016 Presidential Election is over a year away BUT on January 24, 2015, the Iowa Freedom Summit hosted many of the top conservative Republican presidential hopefuls. While SOME of them hold values that COULD be dear to us, most of their OTHER values are not AND Most of them hold values which are loathsome in the extreme. SOOOO we have dumped all of the attendees on this page, with links to their You Tube speeches (where such have been made available).


Congressman Marsha Blackburn R-TN

Congressman Rod Blum R-IA 

John Bolton – former Ambassador to the UN, currently a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

David  Bossie – head of Citizens United, event sponsor  [no video posted as of 12:44 PM 1/25/15] - not a candidate but his comments were enlightening

Gov. Terry Branstad  R-IA  - not a candidate

Dr. Ben Carson – author, former head of Pediatric Neuro-Surgery Johns Hopkins Medical Ctr.

Gov. Chris Christie R-NJ

Kellyanne Conway – Republican pollster and strategist  - not a candidate but has really interesting comments

Senator Ted Cruz R-TX  – [Cruz is an OFICIALLY naturalized U.S. citizen. The U.S. Constitution requires that the President be a “natural born Citizen.” There is a question regarding whether someone born in another country to a US citizen parent and a parent of another nationality is a “natural born US citizen.”  – Edson comment]

Jim Demint – Heritage Foundation,  former SC senator from SC

Congressman Jeff Duncan –R-SC  

Senator Joni Ernst R-IA - not a candidate

Carly Fiorina – former CEO HP, former Republican candidate for US Senate from CA

Jim Gilmore – former gov. of VA, former chair of RNC, Pres. and CEO of Free Congress think tank  

Newt Gingrich – author, teacher  Georgia – former Speaker of US House of Representatives 

Mike Huckabee – Arkansas – former governor and Fox TV “celebrity”

Senator Mike Lee – R-UT

Congressman Steve King – R-IA , event organizer Opening remarks - not a candidate 

NH State Rep. William O'Brien

Sarah Palin – Alaska – author, TV personality, former governor

Rick Perry –Texas - former governor

Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds –R-IA [no video posted as of 12:44 PM 1/25/15] - not a candidate

Rick Santorum – Pennsylvania – former senator 

Donald Trump – businessman, TV personality – New York

Gov. Scott Walker –R-WI


Regular and Cable News Reports

MSNBC Report – 1 hour -

ABC News Report – 1:56 (under 2 minutes)

CNN 9:24

ABC News “This Week” 2:02  Includes George Stephanopolous interview with several of the speakers

Cable TV Reports

Newsmax 4:52 Interview with David Bossie, Head of Citizens United, in advance of the event

Fox  4:11 

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