Rise Up Wisconsin!

Determination is needed to release us from the strangle-hold Walker has on Wisconsin!

Will we sleep or rise up?

85 Days till Nov. 4th! Will we let A.L.E.C. and Koch brothers win again through their surrogate, the present governor? 

Let us hope we are wise and rise up!

What is next in the bruising policy toolkit of Walker? Nobody is safe from being affected by his cruel, cold-hearted ambition to please the extreme right. Citizens rights to public education,health, pensions, environment, job safety, voting freedom, infrastructure of highways, water quality, air quality, free speech, civil justice. All in jeopardy. When will we decide it is enough? Pay attention, fellow-citizens, we snooze at our peril. Walker and his admin is one of the worst, but there are others, Snyder of Mich,, Kasich of Ohio, Perry of TX, and all those at the funding trough of A.L.E.C. -- see how this works! Read the mission statement online for A.L.E.C.,you will see that what is happening in Wisconsin fits a tailored plan to take over a statev via control of the statehouse and legislature. All states in bad shape in the USA have experienced this type of takeover. It is no secret to those of us who have learned about A.L.E.C. Please take the time to learn about this, A.L.E.C. is heavily funded by the oil industry magnates -- and in Wisconsin, that translates to the political power of the Koch brothers. I Weep for Wisconsin. The only way to improve our situation here is to vote in record numbers. Record numbers!  We can do this, but must be fired up with super-determination. People can retake their government. It is time we do this. We are running out of time. Let’s make this year one of change for the better.


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