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DAP meeting notes from December 16, 2013

DeForest Area Progressives

meeting notes

December 16, 2013


Six people met on the sixteenth. 

The group okayed January 25th for our hosting of the Progressive Partners quarterly meeting.  Liz arranged for the facilities at the DMBWindsorNeighborhoodCenter again, as last April.  John sent in the $45 fee and $100 security deposit (returned as long as we leave the premises neat and clean).  The tentative lineup will be 10:00 a.m. to noon, reports, Q&A, planning from each group present; lunch from noon to 1:00 with informal interchange; and a program from 1:00 to 2:00 (probably something from Marcia on messaging, Lakoff theory, etc).  Yet to be decided is whether to have a simple BYO sack or box lunch or another potluck as we usually have.  We should plan to provide coffee, tea, water, soda, juice, etc., and maybe a selection from Windsor Breads.  Marcia, please put these final touches discussion on the agenda for the next meeting.

A message from Beth Trotter alerted us to the fact that there will be a Windsor vacancy on the DeForest Area School District (DASD) Board this coming election.  The Windsor Rep is not running for re-election.  There are also two other spots up for election, and the incumbents are running again.  Please, some-DAP-per from Windsor run!  Remember, tea partiers are watching too.

Most of the meeting was occupied with a very informative conversation with Brita Olsen, Political Director for the Wisconsin Democratic Party.  Brita is only a few months into the job, but she has other experience with the party.  She has lived for ten years in Madison, having graduated from the UW-Madison, and is originally from Manitowoc.  She spoke about fundraising, the three regions that have been established to implement the "72 county strategy," and a unique "Red to Blue" project to take back some tough districts from the Republicans.  Brita said that Dems in Wisconsin should not be discouraged, recognizing the facts that Democratic Party membership in Wisconsin has doubled in recent years.  The party has many more trained and experienced activists in place than ever before, much due to the organizing efforts of OFA and such in the last few years.  She expressed confidence that we can "go after" Walker in a meaningful way and succeed.  When pressed to identify three main ideas, she named 1) Medicaid/BadgerCare, 2) women's health, and 3) student loan debt.  Of course, limiting her to three topics was unfair, as we discussed many more than that, all of which we do not have space here to detail.  We all look forward to seeing more of Brita in the near future. 

We also discussed a resolution opposing frack sand mining being sponsored by the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice and the Madison Action for Mining Alternatives (MAMA).  All DAP in attendance approved signing on in support of the resolution.

Marcia provided copies of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network's "NEWSPAPER DIRECTORY."  As part of the letters-to-the-editors project, each of us who writes letters should provide to Marcia whom we write to, when, and a summary of the topic.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.        

John Scepanski

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DAP meeting notes from December 9, 2013

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes from John Scepanski

December 9, 2013


NEXT MEETING, GINNY'S AGAIN, 3922 Partridge, Windsor Hills neighborhood MONDAY, DECEMBER 16, 6:00 - 8:00 PM.


There were 12 people in attendance on December 9th.


JohnSki reported that Maureen McCarville will have two challengers for her DaneCounty Board seat this spring, which will require a primary in February.  One challenger is Terry Kelso, who was Maureen's opponent in the last election.  The other challenger is thought to be a 23 year old man from DeForest.


JohnSki also reported that as of the November 30th report from DMB bank, we have $164.18 in our DAP treasury.


Marcia asked members to think of questions to ask Brita Olsen, Political Director for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, who will be our guest at an upcoming meeting.  Let Marcia know your questions ahead of time, please. 


Marcia has been working with some Kathleen Vinehout supporters on Kathleen's potential run for governor.  On January 13th, DAP will sponsor a gathering with Vinehout in DeForest, co-sponsored by our counterparts, Waunakee GROW and Sun Prairie SPARC.


Liz has been working on a location for our January 18th hosting of the quarterly Progressive Partners meeting.  Instead of hosting it in Oregon at the bank as originally suggested, we have decided to host it in the DeForest area, thus Liz's work on location.  New possibilities include St. Olaf Catholic Church and the UCC church in Windsor.  Further action on this is necessary soon, so that we can get the announcements out to other PP members.


The main business at this evening's meeting was meeting and discussion with George Ferriter, candidate for Assembly seat 42, challenger to Keith Ripp, and George's wife and campaign manager, Suzie.  Several members present volunteered to help George with campaign tasks such as canvassing.  George is village president of Doysletown.  Suzie is a member of the school board there.  Suzie has much family who live in the area.  George is a semi-retired mechanical engineer with Fairbanks-Morris in Beloit and commutes back and forth these days before his full retirement.  After his retirement, he intends to begin campaigning full time in January.  I will not divulge here campaign plans he discussed, lest these notes fall into enemy hands.  Suffice it to say that Mr. Ripp seems vulnerable, as he does not do much other than rubber stamp Governor Walker administration doings.


One other thing we discussed briefly was the incipient Wisconsin tea party challenge to the relatively new "Common Core" school standards being promulgated by the State Department of Public Instruction under Superintendent Tony Evers.  Several DAP members expressed their own reservations about Common Core, too.                                   

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