Ag Enterprise Areas Expanding

This is offered with a big thanks to State Senator Luter Olsen, whose email letter to constituents is always informative!

"The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection reported this week that the state is nearing 1 million acres designated as Agriculture Enterprise Areas (AEA). On January 1, 2015 Wisconsin will have 29 AEAs in 22 counties.   

AEAs are part of Wisconsin's farmland preservation program. They encourage agricultural land use preservation and promote agricultural economic development. They give farmers and agribusinesses confidence that their area will remain in agricultural use, so they have more certainty about investing in their businesses. 

Landowners in AEAs are not subject to any new land use regulations. Farmers with land in an AEA can receive tax credits in exchange for agreeing to keep their land in agricultural use for at least 15 years."

For more information, check out the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Working Lands Initiative website.




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