Candidates Not Promoting Our Values

We take care not to officially endorse candidates. 

We think we should be responsible for sharing what we know about candidates who share our values, and those who we feel share less or do not share our values, so, to be of service to our community, we need to know more about each campaigner in order to make critical choices. In providing a full range of candidate information, we hope to strengthen those long held values that we know make up the ideas we hold close as elements of what makes up the 'freedoms respected by the 99%'.

Please select (or mouse-over) the green button titled: "Candidates Not Promoting Our Values"  This will take you to a list of the candidates,giving you a chance to learn about them, and we will add to the menu as possible during the lead-up to the primary and the general election of 2014. Please share your views and comments, we learn from one another and this website team will pay attention to your posts. We respect all points of view.