Agenda Primary Eve: Aug 11th, 2014,  DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting Location:  Macchiato’s  605 Main St, DeForest, WI

6:00pm or when you arrive 


Greetings all around.  and a poem below 

Reports of Local Meetings Attended…

Those who wish:  Please report on Windsor Town Hall meeting of July 23

Report of Candidate Events and updates

10--15 min: Our Public Shaming Expert: Lessons from Netroots by Karen Pt. 2  -- Pt. 3 next week

Class on Social Media  --Postponed due to Canvassing for Primary for Mary Burke, this week

Michelle Zahn Organizing  -- an inspiring challenge to make Scottie F. QUAKE!

Mary Burke Easiest and ---then most impt. volunteering! (until Nov 4th!!)

In Your kitchen in your jammies: August 12Th Get Out the Vote  Virtual calls for Margo Miller

Scheduling 2 hours for Social Media  this week.-- contact Marcia ( one-on-one training )

Our Local Public Shaming Expert, Karen Edson
Shares Secrets to a successful edge in Campaigning -A Netroots special  .... 




for you DAP -ers  to let you all know

you are all special, as history will show!


Since DAP-ers do care: this is how you will see..

About the election:

We'll do this, you and me

It seems a big deal, But

WE CAN CAN WALKER,  and some of his friends!

So.... we start with a primary

Choosing some folks

who're in line to test us

but we're oh so wary, 

we'll pick all the best, 

it's really not hairy! 


But, say you: how can that be?

What magic is yours?


 'Oh', we giggle, 'it's matter of US and  ..... 

Chores! Done together, you see.' 

We Say: Yep, Chores, Look friend, It's fun! Try one of these!

Just watch DAP: we make it a breeze!

So you Join! 


Follow our steps

We will show you the way

And how's that, you say?

Well, it's almost kid's play! 

You can help in your jammies, with virtual phone calls,

help with your knowledge of issues and trends,

Explain them in cars while driving friends,

help with our signs!

Not 100 days left! 

Just say yes we can 


Join DAP

 So we’ll be

In this together

Making our calls,

walking with lit

Writing our letters,

Making it fit

Our values,

Our State’s style

and linking our tools,

We’ll show folks we'll do it,

We Can over-rule!

We will do this, with you,

we will do this with me,

With all of our friends! 

We Will do this, you see:

Nov. 4th will be ours!

The DAPS and the Dems,

                      with our  Magical Canvassing,

By Phone Banks, phone calls/ letters to friends

By voting with voters,

Not leaving a gap

for there to be sleepers just taking a nap!

We’re movers, they say, in a DAP sort of way!

When election time comes, well, we’re just all in play!

Go - DAP , we are part of history today,

We're a group who shouts out: this mean guv will not stay!

November 4th's our special day! 


--- by the here-to-fore unknown political Pen, Penny Political.


See you at Macchiato’s! Monday, 6:00pm,  Aug 11th. Primary Eve!

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  • commented 2014-10-13 17:07:38 -0500
    Let’s keep these postings of agendas current.
  • commented 2014-08-11 09:55:30 -0500
    What’s not to like, I say with a grin, we in this together, and that way we’ll win!